The Gamdias Zeus P1 RGB Gaming Mouse Takes Gaming To The Peaks of Olympus!

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When it comes to gaming, everything is important.  If your internet is bad, your ping will make targeting difficult, and you’ll miss opportunities to score your kills.  If your computer isn’t up to snuff, your game may be jerky, there might be lag, or the game may not even run at all.  Without a good headset, communication will be lacking, and you may miss the sound of footsteps behind you as your enemy scores the easy kill.  Keyboard?  Programmable functions, a good layout, and extra keys here and there could mean the difference between being a scrub, or being the pro.  Last but certainly not least, you have the mouse.  Is the mouse really that important?  Of course it is!

Like everything else, you have to find one that works for you.  Some prefer wired, so they don’t have to worry about a battery dying in the middle of a fight, while others prefer wireless so they can literally move about freely.  Then there is the size, and I must say, it definitely matters, but perhaps not in the way you think.  A big and bulky mouse may not be usable for those with smaller hands.  It can have a thousand buttons, but they simply won’t matter if you can’t reach them.  How well does it move?  Does it glide softly across the surface, or does it get stuck?  How’s the sensitivity?  Will it detect the lightest of moves, or does it take a bit?  All these things matter!

The other day I arrived to find something waiting for me, and it totally made my day! I love it when I get a new gadget, whether it’s for the computer, a new tool, or even the kitchen. So when I opened up the box and found my new Gamdias Zeus P1 RGB Optical Gaming Mouse, I was ecstatic!  I’ve used their headsets and keyboards in the past, and I knew I was in for a treat!  So how does it measure up to the other mice I’ve used?


For starters, it’s a wired mouse.  Like most Gamdias equipment, it has a braided cord.  It’s built for durability.  It’s reinforced with nylon, and it’s essentially tangle free.  Most wired devices need replacement solely because something happens to the cable, and that’s something you typically don’t have to worry about with the Gamdias Zeus P1 RGB Optical Gaming Mouse.


As for size, the Gamdias Zeus P1 RGB Optical Gaming Mouse measures in at 5 inches in length, 2.75 inches wide.  It’s not small, but it’s not horribly large either.  It’s ergonomically contoured to fit perfectly in my hand, and each side has a rubberized grip.   I love that aspect.  My hand doesn’t slip, and I don’t lose track of where my fingers are.  It helps me use the two programmable buttons on the left side.


Speaking of buttons, the mouse has a total of 8 of them.  For me, that’s just the right amount.  You’ve got the two for your thumb, you’ve got three near the wheel, the wheel itself, and the standard left and right buttons.  Now there is something extremely important about the Gamdias Zeus P1 RGB Optical Gaming Mouse that truly needs to be mentioned.  Each button can be customized via the HERA software.  It’s an easy download off of their website, and it can truly be a game changer.  Not only can you set up macros for each button, but you can set up several profiles for the different games you play.

All in all, it’s a phenomenal mouse.  It has three slick pads on the bottom, which makes it maneuver like a champ.  It’s easy to adjust the sensitivity with the flick of a button.  It gets high marks in all the categories I look into, and it looks amazing!  It has a sleek black body, and like other Gamdias products, the Zeus has an intricate LED system.  Like the buttons, you can change out the light patterns to suit your mood with the HERA software.  I feel confident in recommending this one.  It will stand the tests of time.


Gamdias Zeus P1 RGB Features and Specifications:

  • Tracking Method: Advanced Gaming Optical Sensor
  • Dimension (LxWxH): 127.26 x 72.45 x 40.85 mm
  • Weight: 125g
  • Keys: 8 Keys
  • Resolution: 1600/2400/5600/8200/10800/12000 DPI (Default 1600)
  • Polling Rate: 1000Hz
  • Switch Lifecycle: 20 Million
  • USB Cable Length: 1.8m
  • Graphical UI: Yes (GAMDIAS HERA)


You can find out where to buy the GAMDIAS Zeus P1 on the GAMDIAS website.


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*The Quirky Mom Next Door received the above item(s) in exchange for our honest review. All opinions and experiences are our own only.

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