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Why We Loved The 2016 Atlantic City Boardwalk Convention


This past weekend was the second year of the Atlantic City Boardwalk Convention. I unfortunately did not make it to year one but I was quite happy with this year’s! Philadelphia is about an hour or so away from me so this con is the most local, which automatically drives up my enthusiasm. Not only because I love having less travel time but also because I think it will be very good for the economy in our area. I really feel like this con is for us.

atlantic city boardwalk convention

While I’m tackling location, I’d like to say that Atlantic City is a perfect place to have a con. When you’re finished at the convention, you can have a nice dinner at one of the local restaurants. On Saturday, I ate at a restaurant inside the casino with my husband and on Sunday, I enjoyed a meal at my favorite place, The Melting Pot, with my best friend.

If you’re not into cons but you’re with someone who is, you can go gamble while they enjoy the con. My best friend’s parents came with us and stayed at the casino while we roamed the con. I imagine that this would be helpful for spouses who aren’t as into cons as their counterparts, or for teens whose parents are dropping them off!

atlantic city boardwalk convention

I’ve been to several different cons and I can say that the Atlantic City Boardwalk Convention is by far and away the most family-friendly con of them all. I didn’t bring the older kids this year but you better believe that I’ll be bringing them next year. There was a battle zone where I watched a bunch of kids play with lightsabers. There were photo op spots all over the place, several writers/artists for kid shows (from when I was a kid too!), a bounce house, coloring, games, and there was probably more than that but I didn’t participate since I only had the baby with me. ACBC is definitely going to be something we attend as a family, fun for us all.

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Here’s what most people are buzzing about: the celebrities. Anyone who’s been to a convention knows that celebrities, like regular people (no way?!), sometimes flake. Things come up at work or as I suspect, sometimes they just don’t feel like coming. They don’t sign a contract saying they will show up no matter what, their managers agree to have them at the show and that’s it. Nobody writes it in blood, they’re not Hollywood blacklisted if they bail on a con. I went to a different con last year where Steven Yeun (Glenn from The Walking Dead) cancelled his appearance the day before, due to a sudden filming conflict. It’s disappointing but under exactly zero control of the con and it drives me crazy to hear people blaming the con itself. ACBC booked less guests this year but I’m certain that they never expected multiple cancellations. At least one guest didn’t even cancel, she just didn’t bother to show up. It won’t hurt her career. What it did do is make a bunch of people hold it against this brand new convention that had absolutely no say over it.

The celebrities who showed were wonderful. A big name added to the bill last minute was Ben McKenzie, who plays Detective Gordon on Gotham. Teddy Sears from The Flash was there and also Edward James Olmos who was in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., as well as Battlestar Galactica and Dexter.

atlantic city boardwalk convention

I met Brian O’Halloran from Clerks and the rest of the Jay & Silent Bob movie series. He was sweet and didn’t rush us through, we were able to have an actual conversation with him. You could purchase a professional photo with the guests or many of them had the opportunity for “selfies” but, just like every other con, it is up to the discretion of the celebrity whether or not this will be free or affordable or not. RJ Mitte and Giancarlo Esposito were such nice people but I only know this from eavesdropping because I once again chickened out from meeting them. Giancarlo passed me on the way back to his booth and my eyes got wide as I gasped and said “Hiiii” like I knew him and he still shot me the sweetest smile and hi back. I’m so awkward. Maybe next time…

There were vendors, many artists and comic-related booths. There were a few that sold various types of t-shirts, some snack stands like a cupcake in a jar and smoothies, but most of the vendors were comic books and drawings. I found everything extremely interesting and I’m sure they will expand vendors next year. I’m hoping to see more merchandise, especially Atlantic City Boardwalk Convention gear to commemorate the annual event. As a pin collector, I’d love to snag a pin and a t-shirt!

atlantic city boardwalk convention

Some of my favorite things were the famous cars. I think they were replicas but I’m not certain and it doesn’t matter to me whether they were the actual cars from the movies or not, they were just so neat! Ghostbusters, Batman, Back to the Future, Scooby-Doo, Flinstones, and even my personal favorite, Jurassic Park! Also, the cosplayers were amazing! There was a Negasonic Teenage Warhead that was so spot-on with her costume, she even texted during a picture with someone because that’s exactly what the character would do. The Tyrannosaurus Rex on stilts immediately made me regret not bringing my son, that was so cool! The cosplayers and even the opportunity to do your own cosplay may just be the best part of it all. Bringing us all together, who doesn’t love that?!

atlantic city boardwalk convention

My best friend and husband enjoyed this convention and we’re all looking forward to returning next year. The Atlantic City Boardwalk Convention is still trying to find its footing, just like any business or event starting out, but I’m confident that with the support of our local geek population, it will grow and change with our reviews. We are really excited about it and you should be too. #TeamACBC!


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  1. I’m a homeschool mama of 7 so I have never had the opportunity to go to one of these conventions, but they sure look fun! My boys and husband would have loved the famous cars!!

  2. Oh that looks like so much fun! We have never been to anything like that, but I know the whole family would have to much fun! Oh he would love that Battle zone! fun!

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