We Love Our Zipadee-Zip for Baby + GIVEAWAY! Ends 5/31

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One of the top three products raved about in my mommy group is the Zipadee-Zip! You may recall a few months back when I reviewed another Sleeping Baby product, the adorable Flying Squirrel. My son still loves it so much! I couldn’t use the Zipadee-Zip until my wee-est little was three months old and twelve pounds, so I’m back to talk about it with you now!


The Zipadee-Zip is a wearable blanket that offers a womb-like environment, perfect for swaddle transition. The size small is made of a soft 100% cotton, while the medium and large are a cotton blend. They’re all made of a comfy breathable material that can stretch to offer full range of movement. Since it gives a little resistance, it helps to soothe the startle reflex and helps the little one stay asleep.


Since it’s not very safe for babies to sleep with loose blankets, wearable blankets are best and unlike others, the Zipadee-Zip allows the baby to move around more but it also covers their hands which I love because those nails are like razor blades. Your child can move around and play with toys while still being snuggled enough to sleep well at night. The fabric is thin enough that it’s comfortable in warm weather but also gives enough coverage to suffice during the cool weather months.


I went with the Crazy Cupcakes design for our Zipadee-Zip, which I think is just so cute! I’m also loving the Tiny Turtle that looks like the front and back of a turtle, or the Snow Princess which my girls really want me to get my hands on!

The little lady likes chewing on the arm of her Zipadee-Zip and I much prefer that to her clawing at her own eyeballs. We use it alone if it’s warm or over top of onesies if it’s a bit cool. She hasn’t really liked swaddling in a while, she hated having her arms restricted so our Zipadee-Zip has been her favorite.

If you’re a fellow Shark Tank lover, you’ll also notice that you’ve seen the Zipadee-Zip on season six and they had a deal with Daymond. As with any other product you see it on television, I imagine that you’re wondering if it works. Our girl sleeps with us, as our other children did, so I can’t say for the sake of helping to sleep but I do notice that it is the only wearable blanket she will let me put her in and that she has no trouble sleeping with it on. Considering the similarities to a swaddle, I think that it makes perfect sense as Baby graduates from the swaddle. I also feel the need to mention how undeniably adorable my daughter looks as an oversized starfish! Haha!




You can purchase the Zipadee-Zip from Sleeping Baby. Use the discount code SLEEP for $2 off!

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109 thoughts on “We Love Our Zipadee-Zip for Baby + GIVEAWAY! Ends 5/31

  1. My twins love their Zips! I would love to win another – two babies are expensive to shop for. 🙂

  2. I have five sons, the zipadee zip has only been around for the last two. We are not sure how we made it without it with the first three! We love ours!

  3. I have a baby who loves to be wrapped up in a blanket all the time! My friend just introduced me to these and i cant wait to get my hands on one, especially now you mentioned the startle reflex!

  4. Our little one can get her arms out of the swaddle. We could use one of these 🙂 I love the fox print!

  5. My baby’s nursery theme is sea turtles and I would love to get my hands on the turtle zippadeezip! We have the “we all scream for ice cream” design and she loves it.

  6. My son loves his Zipadee-Zip! He couldn’t stand to have his arms swaddled either. These were the perfect solution!

  7. Love all the designs but especially love the bluebird melody! Recently a mother of twins who are now starting to roll over so definitely need to transition out of their swaddles!

  8. I wish my LO was big enough for the flying squirrel because she loves playing with her feet but the zipadee would be great until then!

  9. Absolutely Love the zippies!! I’ve not slept for more than 2 hours in a row in six months. This is now changing, thankfully. 🙂 Would love another zippy as now I get nervous if it needs to go in the wash and be dry and ready for naps and bedtime.

  10. I LOVE the zipadee-zip! It worked miracles on my daughter & I will definitely have one for my son. A lifesaver!

  11. My 4 month old won’t sleep through the night without her zippy, right now we only have one and id love to win another!

  12. I would get my little one the Snug as a Bug ZipaDee ! She would sleep very cozy in it

  13. I like the zipadee zip ‘Monster Mash’–also that’s the name of a famous song I like too

  14. I think the Sly Little Fox is adorable. I think my soon to be born little nephew will need one of these.

  15. We love our Zipadee Zip, my baby now sleeps threw the night! We would love to get a summer weight Zipadee Zip so she can sleep soundly thew the hot summer nights!

  16. My son loves his zippadee and will not sleep without it. We put him in his crib for a time out and he grabbed his zippadee to hold on to.

  17. I like the Zipadee We all scream for ice cream the best. It’ perfect shape and is adorable.

  18. I would love to try the zipadee-zip for my 4 month old! The swaddle transition one sounds perfect!

  19. My twin boys love their Zips! We would love to win another – two babies are expensive to shop for. We need another two to send to daycare!

  20. My son recently started breaking out of his swaddle and went from sleeping 6 or 7 hour stretches to sleeping 1 or 2 if we are lucky. He’s constantly waking himself up through the night. I wish we had known about the zipadee zip sooner. It sounds like a life saver.

  21. The Zipadee Zip sleep sacks are great – the summer weight options would be wonderful this time of year!!

  22. My son is in the medium right now, he’ll probably need an upgrade to Large this summer. We love our year round Zippies! He has two, uses them for all naps and bedtime sleep.

  23. Sleep deprived first time mommy needs a wee bit more sleep. 😉
    My now 5 1/2 month old son has pretty much been nursing every 2 hours, day and night, since born! I ordered two books on sleep training and a cd. We slowly started changing our ways. Then he got sick poor guy and now it’s back to baby led/on demand needs. I can’t let him cry it out (yet) 😪
    I would love to try a zippadezip on him!
    If that works, I’ll rave left and right about it and but one for every future baby shower I go to!

  24. My little guy loves his zipadee. We used it to transition him from traditional swaddling. Now he won’t sleep with anything else. It saved us from the every 2 to 3 hour wakings.

  25. My little guy is ready to transition from the swaddle and I would love to try a zippy! Bonus if he could look like a cute turtle!

  26. We Love Zipadee Zips! We have one that’s almost too small. Totally Teal is gorgeous! 😊

  27. Love the Zipadee-Zip – would absolutely love to win one since our current sleep sack is a little “tired”! Pun intended haha!

  28. I really like the Hand Knitted Sophisticated Knot Zippy OneZ. This would look so cute on my son.

  29. My 3 1/2 month old baby girl 💝LOVES💝 her Zipadee-Zip. We just ordered her second one in the Firefighter print since mommy and daddy are both Firefighters. Girls can’t what?? 🚒

  30. We’ve been trying the zippadee zip on our 2 month old & she sleeps so good with it. Love it!!

  31. Starry Purples would be a great one to have for my granddaughter. I think that would work great for her.

  32. I would really like the Muslin eLOVEphant Crib Sheet as well! Muslin is sooo soft and light! i just love it.

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