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Blog Changes are AFOOT: The Crunchy Mom Next Door Gets a New Name

When talking about The Crunchy Mom Next Door in the past, I’ve mentioned how I felt like I had pigeonholed myself. If you’re wondering, “crunchy” is a reference to natural living. Ways in which I could be considered “crunchy” would be like the fact that I had homebirths, breastfeed, co-sleep, a bunch of things that won’t really apply once my last baby is no longer a baby. It was a cute name that seemed to describe my parenting style well, but a friend of mine said, “I think your name narrows your appeal. Because of the name, if I didn’t know you, I wouldn’t read it.” She’s right. I was trying to find a specific niche but instead I think I put myself in a corner I don’t want to be in, limiting my readership.

I’m quite attached to the “mom next door” title that I’ve been using for so many years, before Crunchy. So I sat down and wrote a bunch of adjectives that describe me. The very first thing I thought of was quirky. I tested out others… Busy seemed too common. Sarcastic seemed too long. Loud seemed obnoxious. Nixing the adjective entirely seemed too basic. Every suggestion brought me back to quirky so quirky it is.

The Crunchy Mom Next Door will gradually be transitioning to The Quirky Mom Next Door so bare with us! We’ll still be the same blog that you know and love, just with a slightly different title! Then, the next time there’s a local blog event at a fast food restaurant, I won’t feel guilty if I want to join. Haha! I don’t fit into a box and I don’t want my readers to have to either. Readers of all shapes, sizes, and parenting styles, you are welcome here!

3 thoughts on “Blog Changes are AFOOT: The Crunchy Mom Next Door Gets a New Name

  1. so when you do a name change do you have to have the first web site rerouting us to the 2nd one? Is it complicated ? Is it a big headache? I’ll follow where ever you go!!

    1. I had to do a little research on it but it seems like it won’t be too bad! I have to do redirects so that every time someone comes to Crunchy, they’ll show up at Quirky! I’d say worth it in the end but not something I’d want to do very often. Thanks for following me!!

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