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Game Over? Not when you have the Hephaestus V2 Headset from GAMDIAS!

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When it comes to gaming, and headsets, it’s not uncommon to go through them on a regular basis. Sometimes, an integral part of the headset becomes lost, like the microphone, or the dongle that communicates with the computer. I’ve also had a few cords fall prey to my cat, and USB connectors ruined due to moisture. Then there are the truly bad gaming sessions where headsets have miraculously flown across the room. Whatever the reason, there’s almost always a constant demand for new headsets, keyboards, or mice.

GAMDIAS Hephaestus

So when my wife surprised me with a GAMDIAS Hephaestus V2, ahead of schedule, I was ecstatic! The one that I had been using prior was a wireless. For those who aren’t familiar with wireless, in the gaming world it often means you are being set up for some stress. Imagine if you will, you’re prepping for the final boss. The team is ready for whatever may come. All the enemies have been cleared, and the potions are full. Now depending on the game, you may have four people, or a hundred, all relying on one another to tackle a monster. That monster can typically wipe out everyone unless things happen according to a specific plan. If one thing goes wrong, you may have a lot of unhappy people blaming someone for the loss. So there you are, staring the creature down. Your adrenaline is up, and the battle starts… and then you can no longer hear anything. The headset died. Without hearing the instructions, you have now jeopardized what can be hours upon hours worth of work. I’ve seen some preparations for raids take weeks, and poof, all of it just went down the drain. Hence why some headsets magically fly across the room.

That’s why I love wired headsets for those kind of sessions. Granted, there are some really good reasons for a wireless headset, like being able to get up and do other things without removing them. You might need a drink, or to put a kid back to bed, but when you need to sit in one spot for a bit, wired is always best.

Now for a little bit of lore. Hephaestus was a greek god. I won’t go too deep into the mythology, but he was a god, and all gods had jobs. Hermes, for example was the fastest of all the gods, and he was the messenger. Hephaestus was a blacksmith. He made virtually everything that the gods needed, whether it was a set of armor, chariots, and even thrones.

GAMDIAS Hephaestus

So what does that have to do with the headset? This headset is durable. The cord reminds me of parachute cord from the military. There is no doubt in my mind that this flexible material will protect the wiring that runs between the head piece and the computer. The whole headset has enough tension on them to keep them from slipping. I can whip my head around and around and they won’t budge, which is a great thing when you have little children trying to evade bedtimes. The cushion for the ear pieces is bountiful, so between the tension of the head piece, and the cushions, they’re very comfortable. Then there is the microphone. Many headsets have microphones that are either too firm to bend into position, or too loose to hold it’s position.

GAMDIAS Hephaestus

It also has a nifty storage feature. I’ve had headsets that fold up before. There are almost always some portion of them that sticks out like a sore thumb. That’s not true with the Hephaestus V2. The ear pieces fold in on themselves, and the tension holds them in place. In the words of Goldilocks and the three bears, this one is ‘just right.’ All in all, this headset was built to last the rigors of gaming, and that says a lot.

The controls on the cord are really good too. The volume has a spin dial, rather than an ‘up’ and ‘down’ button. So if I need to make any adjustments, I can do it by feel, rather than looks. It also has an easy to reach button to shut off the vibration aspect, a mute for the mic, and a light button.

But I know what you guys are thinking… “Ok, ok, we get it, you like the construction, but how does it sound?” Amazing. One word says it all, it is simply amazing. This headset is equipped with surround sound, and normally I wouldn’t get excited about that. However, when you hear footsteps from an enemy coming up behind you, and you can turn your character around fast enough to save its life, that surround sound is worth its weight in gold.

GAMDIAS Hephaestus

The quality of the sound is very, very good. The ear pieces are equipped with a bass impact technology that actually lets me ‘feel’ the sound. The cushions are also noise cancelling. So with these puppies on my ears, I can truly immerse myself in whatever environment I’m playing in.

Last but certainly not least, the voice quality is great! I ran a few tests with my buddies using a few different headsets, and the Hephaestus V2 ranked the best. In their words, not mine, “Your voice is really clear. It doesn’t sound dull. It’s crisp.”

So in summary, this may be the best headset I have ever used. I love the functionality of it, its durability, its sound quality, and I feel a lot went into its design. It’s become my go to headset of choice, and that’s saying a lot. *Tiffany popping in really quickly to say that this headset was supposed to be mine for learning how to game but he loves it so much that he is keeping it, so maybe that helps to show how much loves it!



You can purchase the GAMDIAS Hephaestus V2 Headset for $59.99 at the GAMDIAS website.


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*The Quirky Mom Next Door received the above item(s) in exchange for our honest review. All opinions and experiences are our own only.

16 thoughts on “Game Over? Not when you have the Hephaestus V2 Headset from GAMDIAS!

  1. My fiancé would love this. He is the gamer in the family. He always goes for the best bargain, and it normally leaves him with a headset that he doesn’t like

  2. Not sure what I could comment to this. When I first met my husband he had a similar headset. We used it on Skype because his laptop mic broke so it had a built in mic that picked up pretty good audio. Our daughter stepped on it and broke it this year but it lasted quite a while before that little incident.

  3. I’ve always wanted my own headset for Dark Souls, my bf had had many but always breaks them. A gamer girl can dream. Lol

  4. Perfect gift for any gamer. There are many features that make them special. The headset sounds very durable.

  5. Sounds like a great pair of headphones. I wouldn’t use them because I don’t game. But I have a grandson who would kill to have these. I do like the idea of surround sound though. It sounds really cool.

  6. My husband would love those. He is a major gamer. I would LOVE for him to use these. His loud shooting games are driving me nuts!!!

  7. My son would like these. I will have to keep these in mind when Christmas rolls around!
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