DIY light switch plate cover

DIY Light Switch Plate Cover from a DVD Cover

With a wealth of DVDs and not a lot of space for things, we decided to downsize a bit. All of those DVDs are accompanied by those big bulky cases and to simplify, we started using large CD booklets for everything. It keeps it more organized and takes up so much less space. You can recycle the DVD cases themselves (and use them for tons of other things) but I stared at the cover that came inside of it and had an idea. I asked my son, “Do you want a Baymax light switch?” He said “yes” and I got to work!

light switch plate cover

What You’ll Need:
Mod Podge (I used matte but I haven’t learned the Mod Podge differences yet, that research is all you!)
DVD cover
Light switch plate
Brush for the Mod Podge
X-Acto knife

1. Use a brush to “paint” your switch plate with Mod Podge.

light switch plate cover

2. Line the cover paper up with your switch, noting which part of the picture you want to be displayed. You don’t want to have the switch over the character’s face!

3. Fold the paper over the edges, almost as if you were wrapping a present. Press everything down to ensure that it sticks.

light switch plate cover

4. Flip the plate over to the back and use an X-Acto knife to cut out the rectangle for the switch.

light switch plate cover

5. You can go back over the whole thing with Mod Podge. This is where I feel that a glossy finish would have looked a little nicer!

6. Pop the screws in, you made need to poke little holes in the back for this.

light switch plate cover

You’re finished! You can do this with all kinds of paper, really. Here are some other ideas I had:

  • As a gift, put pictures of your children on there for Grandma!
  • Every year, use magazine cutouts to make a small image board of goals to put on the light switch in your bedroom or office.
  • Use ripped up tissue or construction paper to make a mosaic effect.

light switch diy

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