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I LOVE Pushing Buttons, Especially On The GAMDIAS Hermes 7 Color Mechanical Gaming Keyboard + GIVEAWAY! Ends 11/9

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When I first received the GAMDIAS Hermes 7 Color Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, I was quite skeptical. I’m an avid laptop user for a variety of reasons. One, I prefer them for their mobility. Two, I prefer them for their cost. Let’s face it, I have children, and children can be the death of anything electronic.

So anyway, there I was, opening a keyboard that is obviously meant for a desktop computer setup. That aside, I was very, very pleasantly surprised. I LOVE this keyboard! Even before I plugged it into the computer, several things jumped out at me.

gamdias keyboard

First, there were the keys themselves. When you look at most keyboards, and focus on the keys, they are almost recessed into the board. They protrude, but the keyboard itself is primarily one piece of plastic. If you wanted to remove a key, whether it was for cleaning, or it was simply stuck, you’d often have to pry it off the board. That isn’t the case with this keyboard. The keys stick out from the board.
You can grab each key with relative ease, and pop it off with little to no force. They also go on REALLY easy! You don’t have to maneuver any pieces of metal to stick into hard to reach holes, or worry about whether or not it will make contact. Under each key is a plus sign that fits into the key perfectly.

gamdias keyboard

Now as I said, they stick up and out of the board. There is another bonus to that. Cleaning is a breeze! If you grab a can of compressed air and give it a quick blast, the dust and food crumbs will blow from one end of the keyboard right out the other side! You don’t have to worry about anything getting stuck under any of the other keys, or in a hard to reach spot on the frame. That alone makes the board very, very nice.

The second thing I like about the keyboard is the cord itself. It’s made of the same material as the headphones. It’s got an almost parachute cord feel to it, which protects the cables inside, and is very hard to rub or break through. Again, a very positive feature if you have cats, puppies, or little children who try to eat everything.

gamdias keyboard

That covers the physical aspects of the board. So how does it work? Well, installation was a breeze! Simply plug it into a USB spot, and the software and drivers install themselves. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

After installation, I was caught off guard. I don’t like to read packaging material very often. I’m a man. So instructions, and detail, aren’t often the first things I go to… unless there is a problem. With such an easy installation, that was definitely not an issue. So what did it? THE LIGHT SHOW! Seriously, it lit up in a rainbow of colors! The function keys lit up in green, the number line in a light blue, the “Q” line was in purple, followed by pink, orange, and red. So why is that a big deal you ask? There are times when someone is on a computer, in the dark, and typing can be difficult. So having keys that light up is a definite benefit.

That wasn’t it though. They didn’t stop there. You could change the light pattern! The default is to have a soft flicker, but you can set up the lights to do the ‘wave’, where they move from one end of the keyboard to the other. You can also set it up into a ‘colored ribbon’ mode, where basically it’s a SINE wave, radiating back and forth across the keys. There are a few other modes as well, which I won’t cover. I need to leave something out there for you to discover on your own after all. If you don’t want to wait, take a look at this video . There are seven other patterns waiting for you, and you can even program five of your own!

gamdias keyboard

The next thing I wanted to try it out on was in the gaming atmosphere. I mean, it’s a keyboard. So what is so special about a QWERTY keyboard? In typical GAMDIAS fashion, this keyboard has a bevy of little tricks and shortcuts.

For the beginner, the arrow keys themselves are marked off with the typical game movement keys – W, A, S, and D. That will help you get used to the way movement works in the games, and when you’re ready to graduate to the regular keys, you’ll find yourself ready to make use of everything else it has to offer. Take the ‘Q’ key for example. It has little ammunition pictures under it. I know what you’re thinking, who cares about a little picture? You can lock down that key, by itself, into an auto fire condition. Imagine you’re playing a game where ammunition doesn’t matter. Now you don’t have to worry about constantly clicking away to fire your weapons. You can lock in the key, and then ignore that key entirely. That’s a potential game changer if you think about it. If there are spells, or other abilities you can focus on while initiating a basic attack, you can ruin your opponents day.

gamdias keyboard

There are also a few other hidden gems. For example, you can lock the keys into a gaming mode. While in the gaming mode, some keys like the windows key, no longer function in that mode. It becomes another mappable key you can use at your own discretion. It’s yet another feature that will separate you from those you play against.

All in all, I really like this keyboard. Apparently, my wife does too. As she watched the keys lighting up, and dancing around, she was mesmerized. I’m pretty sure she is considering getting a desktop system, just so she can use this keyboard. You won’t hear me complain about that one.

gamdias keyboard

Additional note from his wife: He actually yelled, “I LOVE this company!” after he wrote this review. I asked him, “On a five-star scale, what would rate this keyboard?” He told me, “Five stars”, and he never says that about anything.


You can purchase a GAMDIAS Hermes 7 Color Mechanical Gaming Keyboard on the GAMDIAS website.


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gamdias keyboard


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114 thoughts on “I LOVE Pushing Buttons, Especially On The GAMDIAS Hermes 7 Color Mechanical Gaming Keyboard + GIVEAWAY! Ends 11/9

  1. The feature I love most is the lights. I often play games in the dark and having these lights on the keyboard would really enhance my game playing. Thanks so much.

  2. I love the lights but also that the arrow keys are marked with the typical game movement keys! I’m a bit of a beginner, so this would be very helpful to me!

  3. I think mechanical keyboards are consistently good nowadays, so something has to set them apart. I love that you can map keys in gaming mode (like the Windows key, which I have pushed on accident at the worst times in the past).

  4. I would have to say the lights. In addition, my 11 year old would go absolutely nuts over the lights on this. Really neat and different concept to the keyboard.

  5. I love the lights! Not sure if it will make me play better but it looks cool. This would be great for my son who I play minecraft and other games with.

  6. Definitely the locking key! My son is a gamer and wants a keyboard for Christmas as his is getting tired. This would be amazing to win for him.

  7. I love the lights but I know my son will like the other more important features. He has been wanting a special gaming keyboard for a long time.

  8. I love the durable cord. With some of my other gaming keyboards, I find that I get worried about the cords breaking.

  9. The light is awsome. I have a monochromatic keyyboard, some RGB action would be nice instead of just RED, midl red, low red and no RED

  10. This would mean all the world to entire family as a source of being the latest gadget of technology! It would offer an aid in saving electricity. Using this it would elaborate that of the ability to use the keyboard! Should it happen we are selected, the prize would be shown at house & birthday parties when the lights are dimmed and we bring them into that of where we have our machine! Many are sure to have children of all ages and we will remind them of how wonderful of a gift this would be for children of all ages!

  11. I like that the keys stick out and can be removed. I use my computer a lot and the keyboard gets dirty, but it is impossible to clean the keys without taking the keyboard apart. This looks much easier. Thank you for the chance to win.

  12. I use my computer in a dark room, so a lighted keyboard would be great. I can type in the dark but I have trouble locating the special function keys.

  13. Synchonization of typing skills. I type really fast and this color coded key board will help my skills even more. Off we go!

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