The Quirky Mom Next Door’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide Opens!

The holiday season has officially begun for many of us. Of course, if you’re anything like me, you’ve been casually picking up things here and there since December 26th of last year. Every year the kids are a little bit older and possibly within a new age realm of gifts. New interest, new abilities (freshly learned to read, perhaps!), whatever brings you here looking for new ideas, I hope that we can help! We’re shopping for such varied age ranges from our brand new baby nieces to however old Grandpa is… so I’d like to think we offer a little knowledge and experience on what’s IN and worth it this year!

As the season goes on, we’ll be adding more and more to this list so please do check back! To access this guide quickly and easily, use our tab on the navigation bar or adorable thumbnail located on the sidebar. Click the picture below for our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide and happy shopping!

2016 holiday gift guide

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