You Can Be Everywhere with the KGUARD Wi-Fi Network Camera!

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In the past, I’ve mentioned a hesitation to leaving my wee little ones at home without me. When I first heard of the WiFi capabilities of some cameras, I was ecstatic. The chance to check on my children while I’m away is very valuable to me and makes me feel quite a bit more comfortable! The KGUARD Wi-Fi Network Camera is a small camera capable of viewing an area and transmitting over a protected WiFi connection.


No matter how many interviews I conduct, no matter how many questions I ask, I’ll always feel a bit insecure leaving my young children to go out, even just on short dates with my husband. The opportunity to check on them while I’m out makes me feel infinitely better. The KGUARD camera has a built-in microphone so while out one night with my mom, I accessed the camera using our private password and spoke to the kids. “I hope you’re being good for Daddy!” I was met with a loud excitement. “Mommy! Mommy’s talking! We’re being good, Mommy! We’re getting ready for bed.”


At night from my own bed, I’m able to check on the kids and thanks to the 33-foot range of night vision, I can see to the back of the room. The picture is extremely clear and you can still see every detail, it just looks like a black-and-white photo. You’d be surprised how often I used to catch these kids chatting and playing instead of sleeping! This KGUARD Wi-Fi Network Camera makes me feel like I have eyes in the back of my head and that’s part of the mom role, right?


You can take pictures and record videos of what you see as well. The minute I started using this camera, my oldest yelled in the face of her sister and I was able to see on the camera what had happened. Had I been recording, I would have shown her the video when she insisted that she hadn’t done that. Maybe some of you can relate to that!


The KGUARD camera isn’t only good for baby monitoring though. With the 120° viewing angle, you can place it in a common room and babysit the house while you’re away. If you’re at work and you know your puppy a tendency to get stressed, you can check on him and offer a little, “Hey Fido, I’ll be home soon!” It’s such a secure feeling, being able to be in two places at once essentially!

I would buy more KGUARD Wi-Fi Network Cameras for all of the rooms in my home. I love that you can actually go into a quad view if you connect multiple cameras. If you’re using it as a home security, this is perfect. Compared to many other home security systems I’ve seen, it’s certainly a much cheaper option!


I’m very comfortable with the privacy level of the WiFi, as I know that privacy breech is a frequent concern with products like this. It required me to scan my camera’s QR code and type in my WiFi password to set it up within my own phone and app. The KGUARD Wi-Fi Network Camera feels like an essential addition to my home, giving me just a few things less to worry about!



You can purchase the KGUARD Wi-Fi Network Camera on Amazon for $45.99 or click here to find other retailers.


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9 thoughts on “You Can Be Everywhere with the KGUARD Wi-Fi Network Camera!

  1. I love the idea of being able to keep an eye on things while away through a simple phone app. This camera is a fabulous idea for anyone with young children or even pets for that matter!

  2. I don’t have any children (yet? Lol) but this is just a good idea even just leaving the house and using it for security and safety reasons! Those security systems can get really pricey this seems like a good option. And I would love to see what my kitties do when I’m not around! Lol.

  3. I need the KGaurd wifi camera! I have a 15 year old daughter and I will rarely leave her at home alone. This would definitely make me feel more comfortable going to the store and places without her, when she doesn’t want to go. I really like the clarity of the pictures and video!!

  4. We have something similar to these and I recommend them to everyone! There are so many uses for them from pets, children to even vacation homes!

  5. This is amazing…I need this for my apartment…maintenance gets a little too happy to hang out in my home while i’m away.

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