7 Ways to Show Gratitude on Thanksgiving

Holidays in our family make me absolutely jump for joy! Every Thanksgiving, my mother and stepfather host a beautiful dinner. The children play and we chat as the finishing touches are put on the meal. We hold hands in prayer before we dine, reflecting upon the year past and future. The laughter, the bonding, it’s always such a sentimental memory. I’m so thankful for this wonderful day together and I like to show them just how special it is for me. There are so many ways to express your gratitude and I think it’s important to show that appreciation to those who are good to you!


It isn’t just the Thanksgiving host(s) to show gratitude to. Have you ever taken the time to realize how blessed you are to have loved ones to spend your holidays with? I’m so grateful to have parents who love me unconditionally, who enjoy being with us and making a delicious dinner for my rather large family. Here are a few ways that you can return the kindness and show those people that you are thankful to have them in your life:

Give your host a gift. This is one of the most obvious things that you can do if you’re not the host for this occasion. Homemade gifts are my personal favorite, but if you know that your hostess loves wine or your host loves The Philadelphia Eagles, use that to your advantage.

Know your recipient. Just like with a gift, the knowledge of the person you appreciate helps. Bring a dessert that you know the host loves. If you’re the host, put out some cranberry sauce even though your uncle is the only one who likes it. When someone stocks their fridge with egg nog for me during this season, I instantly feel loved and important.

Help out. Clear the table and do the dishes for the host. If your cousin is a new mom, hold her baby so that she can have a hands-free, warm meal. There are always little opportunities to do acts of service throughout the day, take notice of others and their needs.

Compliments. I know that in my life, I witness compliments going a long way. The impact is visible in that smile they give you in return. Take notice of the new haircut, remark about how pretty her sweater is, tell him that he did a great job painting the kitchen! Be genuine, it’s always possible to find something legitimately positive to say about someone. Even your Aunt Matilda who keeps chatting your ear off about politics has a cute puppy you can gush about!

Hugs. Holding someone close is such an intimate gesture that, I think, it sends a clear message of caring and adoration. Hugs are free, easy, and heartfelt!

Tell them. This sounds so simple, how could this be enough? You might be surprised just how much it can mean to someone just to hear “Thank you”. Pull someone aside, give them eye contact, and just say how much you appreciate them and everything they do.

Prayer. Be sure to include them when you pray together over your Thanksgiving dinner. Thank God for them. Pray for them privately.

Be thankful and appreciate your loved ones this Thanksgiving!

In what ways do YOU show your appreciation and gratitude?

7 ways to show gratitude this Thanksgiving.

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