Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

What a fabulous year 2016 has turned out to be for our family! We began the year with a baby not even one month old. Within a few months, we got strict with ourselves about going to church regularly.  Our pastor performed our vow renewal ceremony and we celebrated our unification under God, surrounded by loved ones!

vow renewalPhotography by CLeigh Photography

As the summer came to a close, our second daughter chose to give her heart to Jesus. It was an amazing day!

baptismPhotography by Violet Karyn

We dressed as The Incredibles for Halloween and had a lovely, traditional Thanksgiving with our family. The children performed bell choir and vocal choir parts in our church’s Christmas concert and our Christmas itself was spectacular, particularly with the help of The Shepherd’s Treasure and a visit from our children’s extraordinary grandparents!

christmas eve 2016

2016 was a great year of personal growth for me also! I joined my first ever Bible study, where we studied “Women of Excellence” in the Bible. As I got deeper in my faith and serving at church, I made so many new friends. I’m excited to see those relationships develop in the new year!

We really started to pin down goals the methods of achieving them throughout the year. As my youngest gets a little less needy (she just turned one!), I feel confident that 2017 will go even better for us all! Unveiled Wife offered a nice list of goals to set for yourself and I noted all of them. Business is probably one that I’ve thought about most because it’s always way ahead of life itself, especially with blogging. I often feel like I am running behind a bus calling for it to stop and let me on in this blogging world! I want to work harder at being organized to prevent from feeling this way.

Last year, I absolutely adored the free blog planner that I printed from Confessions of a Homeschooler so I’ve already gone and printed one for 2017! She added new pages this year to include a section for monthly goals. My husband is constantly nudging me to make months goals as a driving point! If you surpass it, he insists that you set another.

This year, I’ll actually¬†finally be beginning my journey to become a doula. The goal was to do this after I’d finished nursing my youngest in 2015 but shortly after, I became pregnant again! 2017 will be my last year ever of a child relying on me for sustenance, which opens a lot of doors for me! Birth has been a passion of mine for years and people have always told me that I was meant for a birth profession. I am so ecstatic to finally fulfill that dream!

What’s going to be new for you in 2017? Do you have any resolutions?

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