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Can you #spottheshepherd from the Shepherd’s Treasure?!

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We recently introduced you to Shepherd’s Treasure, the Christ-centered elf alternative for Christmas season. I wanted to update and let you know how things are going with this little guy in our household! Our shepherd arrived before church, a bit before December 1st, in order to get acclimated to his new home with us. The children were so curious and excited but after reading The Shepherd’s Treasure to them, they were also extremely enthusiastic!

shepherd's treasure

The first thing we did was name our elf. My six year old insisted that we name him David because of the story of David the Shepherd in the Bible. On the very first night, my six year old got up in the middle of the night for a drink of water and even though the room was pitch dark, I watched her peek to see if he’d moved and she was so excited. All of the children have been telling their friends about their shepherd and what his purpose is, which seems to be a great way to talk about Jesus with others.

The advent cards that came with David have been such a help for their learning along the way! Every morning when they locate David, the older girls read the cards and the included scripture to everyone. If there is a task of the day, like telling someone that Jesus loves them or giving a gift to someone special to show you care, the children are on top of it!

shepherd's treasure

David has brought little gifts along with him too, always with a great purpose! He came with clay ornaments one morning, which the kids painted and gave to our neighbors and loved ones. David surprised us with a children’s worship CD, a brand new nativity, and I’ve even heard that he’ll be bringing some CHRISTmas ornaments too.


My family is loving our lessons learned each day from Shepherd’s Treasure and I look forward to when he finally finds the greatest treasure on Christmas morning – Baby Jesus! I like to follow the hashtag #SpotTheShepherd on Instagram to see what other Shepherd’s Treasure parents are doing and to get more ideas!


Purchase The Shepherd’s Treasure book and doll set for $34.95 or The Shepherd’s Treasure book, doll, and advent cards for $43.95!

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The Christ-Centered Alternative: The Shepherd's Treasure

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10 thoughts on “Can you #spottheshepherd from the Shepherd’s Treasure?!

  1. This looks like it would be great for children. I wish my parents had something like this when I was young.

  2. it is very cute and nice for kids learning about religion. in my religion i would not use this book however, i could see it used in Christian and some other schools. i am of the Jewish faith so if i had kids i might let them read it if they saw it but it is not something i would search out.

  3. This is such a great way for children to get understanding and wisdom about the Bible. It is positive, encouraging and i feel that kids will definitely want to read many more.

  4. I like this as it does bring Jesus back into Christmas. I mean all kids like to buy into Santa, and the other elf makes it interesting, but this I think could even be used in addition if you wanted to. I actually remember YEARS ago elf on the shelf…. and now it has made a come back. When my Mom passed I found the creepy eelf and still have it somewhere.

  5. I know my kids would love this set! 🙂 My kids always enjoy having a doll or plush from the book they are reading. And this would be a fun and special way to celebrate Christmas and share the Bible with them.

  6. I absolutely love this! My granddaughters would love to have something like this in their home. Their mommy takes them to church, and they would definitely be excited. I really like how it has cards with teaching involved with it!

  7. Wow.. Just amazing. My kids both would so love something like this. Something like this would really keep them looking in the right direction. Thanks so much.

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