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Stampin’ Up Scrapbooking for the Busy Mama

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Scrapbooking is one of my absolute favorite hobbies. Not only are scrapbooks fun to create, but it’s such a wonderful way to gather up all of your memories into one place. I can still remember the very first time that I learned to scrapbook, we worked on just one page because it took all day to get it “perfect”. Nowadays, I don’t have that kind of spare time to include even just the most important memories. This is why I’ve become so attracted to Stampin’ Up within the past year or so.

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Stampin’ Up’s Project Life Collection makes the scrapbooking process as simple as filling a photo album with pictures but in a far more beautiful way! Photo albums come in different designs and a couple of different sizes. The Photo Pocket Pages that go inside of the album have various layouts and sizes for the pockets. The pockets aren’t just for your pictures though; that’s the fun part! The card collection and accessory packs include a bunch of stickers, journaling cards, cards with cute sayings, all kinds of great things that vary depending upon which collection you’ve chosen.

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After much consideration, I finally decided upon the Hello Lovely Project Life Collection. The floral designs caught my eye and I thought it would be nice to have something a little different than the other collections I have! This collection was inspirational, positive, and fun, which goes with plenty of memories that I want to record!

I chose the 12″ x 12″ album because that is the size of my other albums so it makes storage simpler for me. I like the big albums, it seems like a nice coffee table display (for once my children are older and won’t touch!). I have some black albums but I think that this grey striped album really stands out! There’s a little label on the side so you can input the date or theme of your book.

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The Hello Lovely Project Life Collection Accessory Pack includes various types of cards, alphabet sticker sheets, element sticker sheets, enamel stickers, sequins, washi tape, stamps, and more. The color scheme for Hello Lovely consists of black, gold, olive, peach, tangerine, and white, among others. I think that makes it pretty versatile so that it can be used for your vacations, nights out, or family gatherings. The accessories leave you with plenty of options for decorating your album.

The creativity doesn’t have to stop at scrapbooking, either. I wrote a note on one of the cards to accompany a gift for a friend!

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My favorite thing about the Stampin’ Up Project Life Collection is the ease of it all. It takes me a few minutes to complete a page that looks as good as a scrapbook that could take me hours to properly organize. I’ve got hundreds of photos that sat around for years because there was never enough time to put real effort into my scrapbooks and I refused to display anything less than my best. Stampin’ Up gives me the opportunity to share these lovely memories without costing me the precious time I can use to make new memories!

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7 thoughts on “Stampin’ Up Scrapbooking for the Busy Mama

  1. I woukd love this for myself! I scrapbook a lot,all my trips amd memories. There is probably 15 scrapbooks in my closet.

  2. This Stampin’ Up scrapbooking does make it much easier to make a scrapbook without losing creativity or design. I love how it saves time.

  3. Scrap booking is so much fun but my problem is finding the time to do it. And once I get everything out I have a mess everywhere. But the finished product is sure worth it!

  4. This sounds like so much fun. I would love to learn how to do this. Thank you so much for sharing

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