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All my life I’ve been a pet owner. Growing up, we had a dog and a cat, both of whom I absolutely adored. Our family now wouldn’t be complete without our sweet kitty, Mickey, our Cocker Spaniel, Cotton, and Yorkshire Terrier, Woody. I love to treat the little guys (and girl) but I’ve learned that I have to be so selective about their treats. I want to get them something that tastes good but I also want it to be healthy. This is why I’ve been drawn to H3 Essentials.

H3 Essentials

H3 Essentials offers healthy options for your pets. They carry treats, supplements, and other pet treatments like shampoo. The very first thing that attracted me to the products was the picture of the lion, tiger, etc. on the front of the bag of treats. If I’m being honest, I am sometimes a little air-headed and my first thought was, “Oops, I got the lion treats by mistake.” I’ll pause while you laugh at me, it’s okay because I would laugh at me too.

Anyway, after reading further, I learned that H3 Essentials takes some money from each bag of treats and donates it to the Big Cat Rescue in Florida. They call it “Little Cats Helping Big Cats.” I’ve got a big cat rescue near me and I know just how much these rescued big cats struggle, especially the former pets, which actually seems to be way more common than I thought. When people attempt to domesticate these giant cats, they really mess up that poor animal. I appreciate any organization that recognizes this and I’m a sucker for those big beautiful animals.

h3 essentialsTreats were eaten way too quickly for a picture so here’s just a picture of my sweet boy!

The H3 Essentials treats themselves appear to be highly approved by my pets! I feel as though the average dog treats tend to smell horrid, to the point where you double-check that the ingredients don’t say “gasoline” or something crazy. Dare I say that these treats actually smell pleasant? It might be better to say that they smell accurate. For instance, the “Ahi Tuna” cat treats do smell like a great tuna. My cat adored them too! We also received the “Whole Minnows” which look odd because they are a whole fish, but you can’t argue that they’re natural. My cat wouldn’t eat them but he’s a sheltered little guy, he’s more of a prissy human than a cat. I’m going to feed them to the hungry cats outside my mom’s home who will appreciate them.

h3 essentialsH3 Essentials minnow added to Kitty’s regular food.

We also received the freeze dried rabbit and chicken for Kitty and he appreciates those too! They’re gluten-free and grain-free, which is great for those of you with pets who have intolerance issues and allergies! Honestly, it’s just healthier to begin with. The H3 Essentials treats promote dental health as well. These great treats have no artificial ingredients, preservatives, hormones, or antibiotics.

For the pups, we tried the H3 Essentials Probiotics, which support the digestive health and immune function. They’re certified safe and they taste good. I mean, I didn’t eat them but the dogs scarfed down the chicken-flavored bite every time.

The ear cleaner is an effective veterinarian formulated developed with the purpose to deodorize and gently clean the ear canal. Cocker Spaniels are prone to ear infection so I find that this is an especially essential treatment for our Cotton. It smells good and seems to be helpful for her ears! She scratches them much less and they definitely smell better.

H3 Essentials products are made in small batches within the United States to ensure safety and freshness. This seems like a brand that we can really trust with our pets! Pets are family and they deserve no less than the best!


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