What to Get For Mom? – Our 2017 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Every year, I wrack my brain to figure out how to show my mommy just how absolutely important and special she is to me. I try to find the right words in my handmade cards, detailing moments in my life that are unforgettable and remind me just how much she cares about me. My search for a gift is always long and thoughtful. When she opens her present, I want her to smile ear-to-ear and then smile again every time she uses it. Sometimes I surprise her with flowers because she loves them and they reflect how beautiful she is to me. Other times, I get her things that I know she will find useful but may never have treated herself to.

I find that often, moms don’t treat themselves. We’ll go on a shopping spree for children’s clothing or something our husbands need, but you’ll rarely find us spoiling ourselves. Mother’s Day is the day when you do this for her! Get her that necklace she’s been eyeing up or a big tub of her favorite chocolate to tell her “I love you”. Whether it’s the woman who brought you into the world or the one who carried your lovelies for nine months, she deserves a little treat.

We’ve had the opportunity to work with some fantastic companies this year and we’re rolling in good ideas for the mothers in our lives so we wanted to share them with you!


Canvas Pop

A picture is worth a thousand words but a canvas a thousand smiles! Get her favorite picture on a darling canvas that will last forever and can adorn any walls in the house!


Vision Words

Everyone could use a little encouragement and that’s exactly what Vision Words are for. These sticky notes will inspire and excite her!


Stampin’ Up

For the crafty mama, Stampin’ Up is absolutely perfect! Stamps, cards, albums, themes, they have everything to put together your own scrapbooks or other creations!


BZees Shoes

If she’s a fan of comfort, check out the adorable shoe selections at BZees! They’ve got some perfect options for spring and summer!


QMT Windchimes

You can’t possibly go wrong with the poetic sounds of the QMT Windchimes. I smile every single time I hear ours chime out front!



Useful for anything and everything, these oils are an absolute necessity for everyone and especially moms. Every oil has a purpose and you can get a diffuser to go with them!


NeeSee’s Dresses

The season is just right for these fabulous modest dresses from NeeSee’s Dresses. They’ve also got very adorable bathing suits!


PeachSkinSheets GIVEAWAY Ends 5/4

The gift of a precious night’s sleep really can’t be beat. If you’re buying for the mother of your children, this is a gift for you, too!


Momzelle GIVEAWAY Ends 5/14

The number one recommended brand in our house for nursing mothers is Momzelle. They’re pretty and practical must-haves for the breastfeeding gal in your life!


Lenovo Yoga Book

Only if you love her really lot, you can give her my most favorite gift, an extremely functional tablet. It’s basically a miniature laptop, perfect for getting things done on-the-go! Full review coming soon!


Pink Blush

Made popular for their stunning maternity line, Pink Blush is one of my favorite women’s clothing companies to share! Everything they have is amazing and I get nonstop compliments on all of my Pink Blush wear! New full review and giveaway coming soon!



Makeup makes me feel confident and beautiful but I only wear the best and that’s why I love Younique so much! The mascara is better than false eyelashes, I love it so much! Full review and giveaway coming soon!

4 thoughts on “What to Get For Mom? – Our 2017 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

  1. I love so many of the Mother’s Day gift ideas. The shoes and the windchimes are amazing and I would love to get these for Mother’s Day!

  2. I have a pair of Bzees and I absolutely love them, so they would make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift!

  3. I think you have a lot of good ideas here. I have been thinking about windchimes for myself and the Pink Blush line would be great for my daughter-in-law.

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