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Struck by Lightning! Or not… with AcuRite’s Lightning Detector

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I remember cowering under my blankets at night as a child at the onset of every storm. It was inevitable. I would snap awake to the crash of thunder, my room would light up for a second as if it were daylight, and then I would find myself back in total darkness. I’d lay there waiting, silently wondering if tonight was the night where something would smash the window and take me. I knew what thunder and lightning were. I knew I was safe, but some part of me would still be deathly afraid every time a thunderstorm hit.

So when my kids freak out whenever a storm hits, I understand. I know what they are going through. I know what they are afraid of, and I know why. I don’t mind when they race across the house and duck under my covers. As a father, it’s in my job description to keep them safe. It’s my task to stroke their hair, calm them down, and tell them that everything is going to be okay. I have always found that some times, they need a little more reassurance than words from their father. I’ve tried to teach them tricks, like ‘For every Mississippi, the storm is a mile away.’ Having five children, they realized that some of their siblings would count faster, or slower, and that the estimate wasn’t correct.

lightning detector

So I went looking for a way that I could show them exactly how far the storm was. I found it. The AcuRite Portable Lightning Detector solves the problem! I now have something in my hand that I can show them.  It’s no longer just my word saying it’s ‘x’ miles away, they can visibly see that it is.  They can even see how many times lightning has struck in the area.

lightning detector(My little man wearing his lightning detector.)

So as far as the littles are concerned, thunderstorms aren’t so mysterious now.  The AcuRite  Portable Lightning Detector has taken the sting out of the strike.  It’s now something they can examine, break down, and learn about.  It’s not just the kiddos who can be put at ease however, adults will find it useful too.

For example, a lot of homeowners fear lightning striking their homes and frying everything inside it.  Sure, it might be covered by homeowner’s/renter’s insurance, but who wants to go through that? I don’t.  I find myself unplugging all the expensive electronic items, like computers and televisions, whenever a storm is close.  A lot of people fear taking showers, and begin prepping their house for power outages.  The AcuRite Portable Lightning Detector has a range of 25 miles.  We can now feel safer to let things go a little longer until the storm is actually close enough to impact us.  That right there is a boon for anyone.


It’s also weather resistant.  That makes it handy for camping trips, sporting events, and it’s even useful on the job.  I have a better way to gauge just how safe conditions are outside!

All in all, when the day is done, I’m very happy I have an AcuRite Portable Lightning Detector.  I no longer get anxious when a storm is on the horizon.  I now look forward to it!

*The Quirky Mom Next Door received the above item(s) in exchange for our honest review. All opinions and experiences are our own only.

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