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The Pulse Safe Start is ‘Transform’ing Our Summer!

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Summer is here and that means blazing sun, no school, and all of my kids running around. Since we don’t really do tablets and television in my house, the kids are all about playing outside when the weather is right. They’re building sandcastles in the backyard, swimming with their friends, and racing each other on their bicycles. Scooters are all the rage right now since our neighbor got one. My son has his Pulse Safe Start scooter and the girls have all been asking for one so we checked out the Pulse Safe Start Transform and it is absolutely perfect for all of them!

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The Transform is an electric scooter with the Safe Start feature, making it easy to start and stop. This scooter packs quite the power! You can set it to slow or fast using a screwdriver for security, since you wouldn’t want the kids to accidentally bump it into fast mode and get hurt. I love this safety feature! We’ve actually only used it in the slow mode so far because it’s the perfect speed for us. The slower speed is 5MPH while the faster setting goes 8MPH.

pulse transform scooter

The suggested age for the Transform is 6+ and the maximum weight is 100 pounds. I exceed that but you know what, I had to give it a shot when I saw how quickly it was zooming! I’m not saying I recommend this because it’s not meant for adults and I don’t want to break it, but now I can accurately tell you how much I love it, right? Haha! Don’t try this at home, ladies and gents.

pulse safe start

There’s another safety feature on the bottom of this scooter, right near where you’ll find the speed settings. You have to flip a switch ‘on’ underneath before you can actually use the scooter. Don’t be like me and assume you have a broken scooter, check that switch first! Once you’ve got everything in place, switches flipped, and speeds chosen, this scooter is incredibly easy to use and tool around one. Accelerating is done with a twist on the handle, steering is just a turn of the handle, and charging is as simple as plugging in a cell phone. To cut power to the motor, there is a brake in the back. Adjust to three different height positions by pinching the buttons and sliding the bar up or down. You can ride for about forty minutes before you’ll need to recharge!

pulse safe start

I’m really astounded at how fast this Transform  can actually go. If the kids weren’t going so crazy with it, I would almost feel guilty that that we didn’t save to be an absolutely amazing Christmas gift. Everybody wants to know if we can replace their bikes with these scooters now! We’ve admittedly never tried any other electric scooters but we love our Pulse Performance Products so much that I see no reason to try anything else! With kids of all different ages (and myself!), I like that we have a one-stop shop for these toys now! We would, do, and will continue to recommend Pulse Performance Products, especially as gifts or just a fun way to entertain them this summer!

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You can purchase a Pulse Safe Start Transform Electric Scooter at Target for $99.99.

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11 thoughts on “The Pulse Safe Start is ‘Transform’ing Our Summer!

  1. This is so cute. I like the larger base for more room for little feet. Looks like lots of exercise would be happening on this scooter.

  2. Easy for kids to handle while being safe. I like you can set it to slow or fast speed; that way an adult can control the speed to avoid kids going to fast. Great form of exercise.

  3. I like that children can get two feet on it because it is wide. My granddaughter would have a lot of fun with this

  4. This scooter seems to be a very trend setting vehicle for all ages. It has 2 speeds, adjustable height on the handle bar, and it will run for approx. 40 min. The bad thing about it is that the weight limit is 100 lbs., so big kids will not be able to have the fun.

  5. I like the way it looks. And it is not too expensive. I am sure the kids will have tons of fun

  6. This is almost like a stand up bike, but a scooter. I appreciate the vivid review on this. My niece would love it.

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