Make Virtual Reality an ACTUAL Reality With The HOMiDO Grab + GIVEAWAY! Ends 7/11

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If I were to review this product exactly as it sounded within our home, it would be something like: “Gasp, OH MY GOSH! This is the coolest thing ever! How does it do that?!” Followed by unintelligible but excited exclamations and then arguing over whose turn it is next. At one point one of the kids even scolded me because she couldn’t hear it. Are you curious yet? It’s called the HOMiDO Grab and the kids were right, it really is one of the coolest things ever.

My husband sometimes searches around for cool tech products to share with my readers and he came upon HOMiDO. I wasn’t sure exactly what virtual reality entailed but I knew that I get a kick out of 3D movies and so do the kids. I was thrilled at the idea of checking it out, but I also wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I received the package, glanced at the simple directions, and placed my cell phone inside of the device. It’s a springy lever so it can fit bigger phones like mine (a Galaxy) as well. (It’s compatible with Android and IOS smartphone from 4.5 inches to 5.7 inches.) You access all of the apps on your phone and the viewer is where the magic happens.


The HOMiDO Grab Virtual Reality viewer makes the screen look 3-dimensional, feeling as if you were there, hence the virtual reality title. The whole experience is really incredible. You can explore all kinds of things, like the ocean or the solar system. It can be an educational device that really helps the kids enjoy learning! It all depends on the apps that you utilize but we were playing with one where you click the animal/plant/place and a blurb comes up to give more information about it. We also “rode” a rollercoaster and watched some dinosaurs!homido3

If you have no idea where to go to find content, HOMiDO has you covered. They recently released a new app, still in beta mode, that is a virtual reality hub. The HOMiDO VR Center app shows where to find the best live feeds, games, videos, and other interactive activities. I’m finding it easy to navigate and while some of the apps are too large for my phone, plenty of them worked just fine.


Our overall review for the HOMiDO Grab Virtual Reality headset is honestly a complete five stars. We’ve never used something like this before so we’re extremely happy with how simple it is to use. The price is so affordable that my husband and I have already discussed buying at least two more to use with old phones for our long road trip next year. If this was some astoundingly expensive item, not only could we not purchase more of them but we also probably wouldn’t let the kids touch them. It’s not just my children who seem to break everything they touch, right?!


The headset itself is cute and lightweight, easy to hold and handle. Turning your head allows you to see more of a scene in many of the apps. We would look up and see the sky, look over and see a whale doing a flip next to us. It’s been reviewed and certified by Google, so it works with the Google Cardboard system as well. I’m still getting myself familiar with all of these programs but we’re seriously hooked! I have to strongly recommend getting one of these, especially for the kids to play and learn with.


You can purchase a HOMiDO Grab from HOMiDO, Target, or Amazon for $29.99.


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One (1) winner will receive a HOMiDO Grab!
Open to US only. Ends 7/11.

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102 thoughts on “Make Virtual Reality an ACTUAL Reality With The HOMiDO Grab + GIVEAWAY! Ends 7/11

  1. Oh my gosh i dont know. I have never tried virtual reality before. I wish there was one where i could just like walk through Disneyland or Disney World 🙂

  2. this would be really cool to take on raod trips and experience some of the theme parks with. My problem would be between my husband and my daughter, I probably would never get it in my own hands.

  3. I have no idea since I’ve never even seen a VR viewer in person, but I’m sure my husband will find something really goofy to do with it!

  4. I have never tried virtual reality. I love the suggestions about studying astronomy. Id also like to explore places around the world that I haven’t had the chance to visit.

  5. I would love to gift it to my Hubby. All he does is talk about it he would love this. I would be Queen of the universe!!!!

  6. When I was a child, I did not have the opportunity to play most of the technologic games or explore wonderful places. As an adult, I’ll be able to do both with the HOMiDO!

  7. OK so my husband and I have only used a VR headset once and wow, it was so neat! I would like to explore some more.

  8. I’m not too familiar with all the ways one can be used. One thing would be to look at the stars in the sky.

  9. This is the coolest ever!!! There’s all kinds of things we could do with it, but what I’d love to do is look at the stars with it!!! I’m sure my kiddos could find way cooler things to do with it!! IF I give them a turn!!! 😉

  10. I would really enjoy looking at the ocean and stars in 3-D. It would be amazing to see an African safari or sharks.

  11. I’ve never seen one in person so I guess I would enjoy figuring out exactly how to use it! They sound fun!

  12. do not know how to do this but my grandson would absolutly love this, haed for grandma to keep him busy in the summer

  13. I have never tried any virtual reality stuff so I would like to try everything that you can do with virtual reality.

  14. I would love to try a new game. I don’t know what games are out there for the virtual reality thing.

  15. I am sure my husband and my daughter would love to use this for gaming. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  16. I think it would be a nice way to spend time as a family- with a teen and a pre-teen, it can be hard to connect at times, this way, we could do something everyone enjoys!

  17. I have only heard of Virtual Reality headsets but have never really seen or tried one. I would like to play the VR Jurassic Hunter game to feel the presence of dinosaurs around me. If there is ever a game of travel I would like to try that also.

  18. I am guessing my kids would want to play games or try apps that use this device. We would have fun trying to figure out all it does.

  19. My daughter would probably want to play games on it. I would love it to let me walk through areas I probably won’t ever get a chance to visit!

  20. I would use it to play video games. I see videos online of people doing that and it looks fun.

  21. I would love to indulge in trying out the VR world, and this would be the perfect opportunity.

  22. My kids and my husband would use it to play games! I probably wouldn’t even get any time with it because of the 3 of them! lol

  23. It would be fun to see 3D movies as I have issues with them. I wear glasses and the screen is either too far or the 3D glasses don’t work over my glasses.

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