7 reasons to renew your vows

7 Reasons to Renew Your Vows

A year ago today, I held a big bouquet of flowers and seashells and walked down the aisle of sandy beach with my husband. We walked arm in arm, since we’re already married, following our adorable little ones. We re-exchanged our wedding rings, read new vows, and placed them inside of a glass where we poured unity sand. Our pastor officiated the ceremony and we were re-announced as husband and wife! We had a small reception featuring my favorite cupcakes and danced to our song! I made favors for our guests and they all signed a canvas for us. It was a beautiful vow renewal ceremony and I will cherish the memory forever! My husband believes that every couple should renew their vows at least once so I’m going to give you some reasons why!


1. Milestones – Being married for 10, 25, 50 years are things to celebrate! My husband’s grandparents were married for sixty years and I thought that was astounding. Every day that you’re sharing your lives together is worth celebrating and why not commemorate the anniversary with a little (or big!) ceremony where you re-live those vows you spoke many moons ago. Wedding vows don’t expire but you can always add new things in there that are newly applicable to your relationship or the times. I vow not to watch our shows on Netflix when you aren’t around.

2. Religion – Have you recently had a shift in faith, be it acknowledging God, converting to another religion, etc.? For me personally, it changed a lot of things. Our original ceremony may have mentioned God but if so, vaguely, and I wasn’t okay with that. It doesn’t matter to me as much to be married in the eyes of the government, but I want to make a promise to God to put Him at the forefront of our marriage. Have a ceremony held at your place of worship and/or by your worship leader. Our own ceremony¬†was performed by our pastor but the location was at the beach where we were baptized.


3. Small wedding – It can be expensive to have a big wedding and so many people choose the route of a small wedding, even when it’s not what they truly dream of. It can be convenient and cheap to have a courthouse wedding but you don’t have to forgo a ceremony with family and friends just because you can’t do it right now. Our wedding was done by a reverend with a few people and our children in attendance because we just wanted to be married already! We always said we would do something bigger later, although I never actually thought we would. I’m certainly glad we did!

4. Overcome – Every couple experiences their struggles but sometimes they almost tear you apart. It’s okay to want to start back at the beginning and fall in love all over again. Vow that this time you’ll be stronger, that you know each other more, that you’ve grown as a person and a pair.

5. Second honeymoon – Sometimes you just need to get away together. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve turned to each other and said, “I need a vacation!” A second honeymoon is an awesome way to reconnect and explore that person you married. Just like the first time, have a ceremony rededicating yourselves beforehand. Relive that honeymoon magic all over again!

6. Deal – When we went to Mexico, there were tons of deals for vow renewal ceremonies. You could renew your vows on your resort’s gorgeous beach as part of your package. It’s small and intimate, just the two of you remembering why you got married in the first place and gazing into each other’s eyes to declare your love.

7. You want to¬†– Yes, “because you feel like it” is a good reason. This is your life and you only get to live it once. If you want to celebrate your marriage, do it. If you want to live one of the most special days of your life all over again, do it. You don’t need an excuse. You don’t have to justify yourselves. Your love is the reason, your happiness is the reason.


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