VBS: Vacation Bible School & Very Best Summer!

As I chatted with a mom friend about our family goals for the summer, she asked me if my children would be participating in any VBS programs, or Vacation Bible School. We’ve been active in the church community for a few years now but I hadn’t heard of this. Vacation Bible School is a cross between summer camp and Sunday school. My first thought was that it would be too expensive for five kids to be enrolled but my friend informed me that many of the programs are free apart from the donations you’ll have the opportunity to give.

Most of our local VBS programs require the children to be four years of age up to about eleven. Everyone except the baby was enrolled in three different Bible schools, all in Ocean City, New Jersey. Each one was following a different curriculum which was great because they covered more of the Bible that way!

Mornings commenced with music and prayer, the kids were all so into it! Throughout the day, they did religious crafts and went over stories in the Bible. Some of them did water games, face painting, and puppets! They learned songs about Jesus and in the first VBS, they even put on a play at the end of week! Actually, there was a performance at the end of all of the programs and it was always the highlight of my week! Those were the moments that I got to see just how happy my children were to learn what they learned, be surrounded by other kids who enjoyed it, and to be with teachers who loved the Lord the way they do.


As I scrolled through pictures that were shared from each church, my eyes filled with joyful tears. My oldest daughter is shy and laid back but there she was with a genuine grin from ear to ear. My spunky second daughter had her hand eagerly raised, surely to answer a question or profess, yet again, how much she loved her teacher and her VBS. The quiet middle child I see at home was giggling with new friends. My son was in nearly every photograph, always smiling. What a huge difference these programs made in our summer and I am so grateful to have been led to them. Because of what a big deal they were to us, I wanted to share with you and anyone who hasn’t heard about these amazing programs!

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