The Montgomery Inn Summertime Barbecue Bonanza Melts In Your Mouth!

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We’re on the last leg of the summer season and you know what I think I’ll miss the most? My husband grilling up some grub for everybody while the kids jump on the trampoline. Tasty grilled meat is only a summer thing in our house…until we encountered Montgomery Inn! When I found out that Montgomery Inn ships barbecue packages all over the country, I actually had high expectations. You see, Montgomery Inn is a restaurant with locations in Ohio and Kentucky. My first thought was, “If these guys are shipping across the nation, they’ve got something they’re proud of.” I’m going to tell you now that they live up to and beyond my expectations 200%. The time I spent brainstorming this post was basically just me daydreaming while my mouth watered.


Montgomery Inn has a bunch of different delights that they ship all over but the Summertime Barbecue Bonanza is on sale as a farewell to summer and it’s quite the deal! As part of the Summertime Barbecue Bonanza, we received four slabs of the hand-rubbed, USDA-inspected ribs, two pounds of pulled pork, two pounds of brisket baked beans, a bottle of the original, sweet and tangy Montgomery Inn Barbecue Sauce, and the hot and spicy chipotle Barbecue Sauce. Since this was a lot of food, I lugged it on over to have one last hurrah for the summer with my folks. It comes in a styrofoam cooler with dry ice so it was pretty easy to keep it cool while traveling over there.


Everything is already cooked so it’s basically just about how you want to heat it up. My folks did the math and said that the price was definitely good but since everything was already cooked and seasoned, it was also worth the convenience of it all! I guess that brings me to the next thing: their cooking and seasoning.

The ribs have been rubbed with the most perfect flavor and they honestly would have been totally delicious even with the Montgomery Inn barbecue sauce – it was THAT good! I should tell you that we haven’t found a local barbecue restaurant we liked in the four years we’ve lived here so that tells you how picky we are. So, we tossed the ribs on the grill for heating but you can also just broil them in a conventional oven. These ribs were fall-off-the-bone good. We ate some of them with the original sauce and it was fantastic and definitely original! The spicy chipotle was a completely new flavor for me but my parents and I really enjoyed it! I definitely suggest trying both sauces and you’ve certainly got enough ribs to do it!


My mom was particularly head over heels for the brisket baked beans. They’re not just some canned baked beans, there are big chunks of beef brisket in them and she kept going on about how awesome they tasted. They make for the perfect meat-lovers side to all of this wonderful barbecue!


Last but not least, the two pounds of pulled pork! These were my favorite but that very well may be because I got two servings of it. It’s juicy and it tastes like it’s fresh from the slow cooker except we just tossed it into a pot and simmered it for a few minutes. A couple of days later, I ate it for lunch too on a big kaiser roll. It tasted like summer!

My enthusiasm for Montgomery Inn‘s amazing Summertime Barbecue Bonanza is genuine and I’m certain of three things. 1. It’s absolutely worth ordering. 2. I look forward to trying tons of other things that they have available for purchase, like that jalapeño cheese bread or some brisket! 3. We’ll most definitely be going to the actual restaurants if we’re ever in the area. How does somebody even make food taste so good, freeze it, ship it, even reheat it, and have it still taste like rainbows? I think I’m in love.


The Montgomery Inn is offering the Summertime Barbecue Bonanza ($174.95 value) for $99.95 plus shipping (a $75 savings) through September 15th! Visit to order online or phone in your order at 1-800-USA-RIBS.

Be sure to use the promo code: summerfun

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*The Quirky Mom Next Door received the above item(s) in exchange for her honest review. All opinions and experiences are her own only. 

8 thoughts on “The Montgomery Inn Summertime Barbecue Bonanza Melts In Your Mouth!

  1. Sounds good. That’s a lot of food. I wish we had one close by. I always add BBQ meat to my baked beans when I make them and add some green peppers and diced onions from my salsa I have on hand.

    1. That sounds really delicious!! Montgomery Inn ships ready-made meat so if you’re in the mood for it, you’ve got to try it out! It’s so tasty!

  2. I’ve never heard of Montgomery Inn but it sounds delicious. Would love to try the pulled pork and jalapeño cheese bread…yum!!

  3. That is a very good price for the amount of food that you get. I love pulled pork and ribs & the pictures you showed look very tasty. I am not familiar with Montgomery Inn but would love to try it.

  4. Brisket baked beans sound great! My husband loves brisket, ribs, BBQ… anything like that so I know he’d love this.

  5. I have my first slow cooker and have just started out, but haven’t made anything like this. This is the kind of recipe I wanted a slow cooker for, I want to try it, it sure looks delish!

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