bring your bible to school day

Bring Your Bible to School Day

“Why can’t every class be about Jesus?!”, my seven year old exclaimed to her Vacation Bible School teacher this summer. The girl knows she loves God, that’s for sure. A year ago, she made the decision to declare her love by being baptized in the ocean, a decision all her own.

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Also last year, she fought her own religious battles within public school. A student told her that God wasn’t real and she argued with him before being scolded by her teacher and told that she was not allowed to talk this way within school grounds. She came home upset but we assured her that if that situation arose again, she was absolutely allowed to stand behind her beliefs.

A few months later, Easter was approaching and she was excited for “The Good News Magic Show” being held at our church. Some of her friends showed interest so she brought the brochures that church handed out. When her teacher noticed that one of the children had one, she confiscated all of them, to include the ones still in her backpack. We received a call from the principal telling us that it was against the rules. Our public school sends home all kinds of fundraisers, events, birthday invitations, etc. and it felt like she was singled out. Not only to us, but to her. We didn’t want her to feel like she’d done something wrong so a friend and I actually picked her up from school and took her out for ice cream.

When we picked her up, she let loose. She cried about how all of her friends wanted to go to the magic show and why she can be invited when other people have things they want to share but she can’t invite people to her church. Feeling a bit helpless, even after having a long chat with the principal, we looked into Christian schools. We got to talking about her personality, how spunky and stubborn she is, how confident she is in her beliefs. People remark all the time about what a little fire she is. The light of Jesus shines through her in a dark world. The world needs her and she feels that call to minister people, she loves to make people happy.

I told you about all of that so I could tell you about something I just learned about: Bring Your Bible to School Day.

On Bring Your Bible to School Day, students across the nation celebrate their religious freedom, their belief in God’s Word, by bringing their Bible to school. This event was created to empower students and families to respectfully express their beliefs and demonstrate their love of Christ. The event is sponsored by Focus on the Family, a global Christian ministry dedicated to help families thrive within Christian culture.

While my kids know that they are free to bring their Bibles along with them any day of the year, I want to encourage them to take part in Bring Your Bible to School Day on Thursday, October 5th because God is always on the move and I believe that with this campaign, God is working in a big way.


What are your legal rights? Can you talk about your beliefs? How else can you participate? Find out the answers to these questions and more HERE!


Sign up here and download a free how-to guide for parents, teens, elementary, and pastors! You’ll also be entered to win a free trip for four to hear the Newsboys in concert!

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  1. I remember when I was in nursing school in the late 90’s a I would take my Bible to read during our lunch break. My peers initially made fun of me and laughed at me, but as the pressures of nursing school increased (our school was testing out a new program- taking an 18 month course and seeing if it it could be done in 11 months instead to save the school money) they began to gather around me, saying they wish they had the courage to bring their Bibles. They wish they had faith in Something or Someone to help them. It was a great opportunity to share what a great God we have.

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