8 Occasions Fit For a PinkBlush Dress

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It’s happened! I’ve finally got the reputation as “the one with all of the pretty dresses” by everyone who knows me (and doesn’t know me yet) at church! PinkBlush has been stocking my closet with gorgeous dresses since last year and people have complimented me so many times that they’re all recognizing it.


This month, I’ve chosen to spotlight two beautiful floral dresses that are perfect for this in-between fall and summer weather. The Ivory Floral Print Sash Tie Maxi Dress has a fabulous pastel-colored floral design that reminds me of spring and Easter but also just lovely for any occasion. I’m really happy with the light colors because I realized that much of my wardrobe is dark colors and sometimes, a girl just wants to wear some light coral pink and cornflower blue! With the 3/4 sleeves and maxi length, the dress keeps me warm despite cool ocean breezes flowing all around our church. The material is comfortable and I adore the tie that allows me to make it a bit more snug at the top.


The Red Floral Short Sleeve Wrap Maxi Dress will seem similar at first. It’s an ivory floral dress and yet, it’s really not the same. That’s what I love about PinkBlush, you can find all kinds of styles to suit you. This dress has very short, cute sleeves that I would choose to wear if I’m going to be indoors or on a less breezy day. The red, violet blue, and turquoise make for the most exquisite color combination in the design that I fell in love with at first glance. Actually, I just noticed that they have this dress in a couple of other colors and they are all really magnificent. Somebody back there is obviously a true artist.


I can’t choose a favorite between these two dresses or really, any dress from PinkBlush. They are the ultimate in dresses, just go with the occasions or style preferences in mind and scroll to your heart’s content. Here, I’ll show you…

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Baby Shower – Heading to your own baby shower? PinkBlush makes maternity dresses that are just stunning and really make you feel beautiful when you probably feel like a hot air balloon. Going as a guest? See the next category.

Girls Day Out – You can find casual but still pretty dresses like the Blue Crochet Accent Long Sleeve Dress or the Pink Floral Pleated Dress.

Date Night – The Black Lace Bell Sleeved V-Neck Dress is sexy while still being modest. The Navy Blue Cold Shoulder Crochet Accent Dress will be lovely alone or with accessories.

Bridesmaids – You could pack your entire wedding party with the Light Pink Pleated Bust Chiffon Evening Gown! It’s a great color and so elegant.

Wedding Guest – Weddings all vary in their degree of dressy but basically as long as you don’t choose white, you can find it at PinkBlush. Solids, florals, v-necks, short, long, it’s there!

Thanksgiving Dinner – Short or long, PinkBlush has so many dresses that would pair well with your favorite books, maybe some boot covers, and most, if not all, of their dresses have some give in the front for all of that bloating you get after you eat such a big meal!

Christmas Party – Whether it’s really fancy or a family gathering, I’ve seen some of the most ravishing red dresses. Not into red? You’re covered there too.

Church – Eenie, meenie, miny, moe. You can pretty much wear any of them there but be prepared to tell everyone where you got that pretty dress!

If you’re not into dresses, there’s plenty more to find but I am so that’s where my focus is! I just look for reasons to share all of my favorites with you guys!

What about you, which dresses are your favorites?

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