Getting Ahead of Autumn with GutterGuard!

This is absolutely my favorite time of year. Gone are the days of 90+ degree weather. Now it’s warm enough to be comfortable without a jacket, and cold enough to sleep really well at night with the windows open. Football season is here, and the leaves start turning colors.

Those leaves are also a down side for the season. The moment they start to fall, I begin counting the days until my back hurts from the raking. I dread the burning in my legs from the yard work, and the blisters on my hands. Then there are the acorns! I hate how heavy those little buggers get when you’ve bunched them all together. I especially hate the havoc those things create when you put them all together in my gutters.


Thankfully there’s a company out there called Gutterglove, and they’ve figured out the solution! They’ve come up with several different products to solve your problems. They have a variety of contractor installed items, and some that are do it yourself called GutterGuards.  GutterGuard prevents leaves, and other debris, from falling into your gutter, without stopping the rainwater from flowing into it.

GutterGuard is a stainless steal barrier with micro mesh on its top. It fits under the shingles of your roof, and attaches to the rim of the gutter. It’s flexible, and comes with a variety of different attachment options. For example, it comes equipped with 3M tape on the underside. If you choose to go with that, it’s extremely sticky, and doesn’t come off easily.

There are also aluminum self tapping screws that you can put directly into the gutter. If you run out, a quick phone call or email and they’ll send you more, free of charge!

It’s very easy to install, and the GutterGuard can adapt to many different roof setups. If your roof is higher than your gutter, you can bend part of the GutterGuard up, or down and attach it directly to the fascia board. It’s good for virtually every shingle available, be it asphalt, slate, and it even works for flat roofs!

Now I know what you’re thinking. The last thing you want to do is add a project to your ‘honey do’ list, but, this is definitely something you should consider! First off, cleaning your gutter is nasty business. If you’re like me, you need to do it at least three times a year. GutterGuard stops the need to do it at all. That means you’ll have to clean them one more time, and after that, no more black sludge getting under your fingertips, no more slimy leaves to fish out, no more prickly burrs, or acorns. It’s a life made easier by far.


Since you’ll never be cleaning them again, you also won’t have to worry about the damage clogged gutters can cause. You don’t have to lose sleep over whether or not the leaves are too wet, or frozen, and of it potentially ripping away from the fascia. GutterGuard just gets better and better!

Add to that the 10 year warranty (extendable up to 25 years with registration) and GutterGuard will make you a happy homeowner. So don’t think of it as an addition to the Honey Do’s… think of it a removal of future ones.


You can get GutterGuard today at Home Depot or Sam’s Club. The GutterGuard brush is also available at Home Depot or Sam’s Club.

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