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Join the Beautiful and Adventurous Starpath Dolls on the Next Journey!

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Year in and year out, there’s one thing that I can count on seeing on the letters to Santa: Dolls! With four girls, we’ve spent a decade buying dolls. We’ve had tiny dolls, soft dolls, chubby dolls, and everything in between. I’m always on the lookout for beautiful dolls but I also look for something unique for my daughters. Starpath Dolls fulfills exactly that for our special doll gift this year, with the inclusion of their fun personalized books!


Starpath Dolls are 18 inches tall with sweet eyes and adorable little pouty lips. Currently, Starpath Dolls have four multi-ethnic dolls in their own pretty outfits, but you can also buy other outfits and accessories. You can get them pajamas and even an Indian sari, which is incredibly cool! I was smitten with the cute fairy tale gown and pet swan that I came across, which also happen to be included in one of the book choices, A Fairy Tale Gone Wrong!

starpath dolls

For our girls, we got Morning Star. She arrived wearing a flowery dress with a pink cardigan, white sandals, and even had a small purse. She has long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. The girls can brush and style her hair, move her limbs and pose her. All of the Starpath Dolls are so attractive! As for the other dolls in the collection, Shining Star has long brown hair and eyes, with the most fashionable outfit complete with beret, belt, and boots! Wandering Star has gorgeous dark locks tied up with a nice purple bow and she is definitely ready to travel! Wishing Star has stunning eyes and long black hair with a Tiffany blue bow that matches her lovely dress. Oh yes, Morning Star and all of her friends are delightful and ready to take a journey with my girls!

starpath dolls

What is really special about Starpath Dolls are the books. Whether electronic or physical, the chapter books can be customized to include your child’s name, city, appearance, and other details. I feel like this is such a great way to get your child excited about reading! Being part of your doll’s story is fun and encouraging. Starpath Dolls are recommended for ages 5 through 9 but I think that any child would enjoy these charming dolls and hearing you read them these stories that incorporate them.


I must admit that cost is a factor into where I go for our dolls at Christmas. Some of the most popular doll companies charge twice as much for just a doll with the clothes on her back. Starpath Dolls are $79 with the electronic book included with the purchase. These dolls are the same size as those crazy expensive dolls, so your child can still use their accessories with their Starpath Dolls. These dolls are of awesome quality, they feel sturdy and I can foresee them being passed down for years to come!

starpath dolls

My girls are so happy with Morning Star and her story. At night, they snuggle up with her or sometimes I’ll find her tucked neatly under the covers of her own doll bed. We’ve read A Fairy Tale Gone Wrong so many times that they’re beginning to memorize it and my younger daughter is starting to be able to read some of it herself. A Fairy Tale Gone Wrong is a Cinderella story with a twist, packed with imagination and adventure, perfectly for reading while rocking the young Starpath babies.


For an educational, essential, adorable gift this season, we are really excited to endorse grabbing a Starpath Doll (or four!) after our personal experience! The gift certificate for a Starpath Doll plus paperbook book would make the perfect gift for a long-distance grandma to surprise her granddaughters!


You can purchase Starpath Dolls for $79 each, with personalized e-book included.

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8 thoughts on “Join the Beautiful and Adventurous Starpath Dolls on the Next Journey!

  1. My niece has been begging for one of those “crazy expensive dolls” for months, and these are just as gorgeous for a much more reasonable price!!! I’m gonna tell my sister about these, I think her and her daughter would both love them.

  2. Gorgeous dolls, love that they customize them, it makes it personalized and i love that. 🙂 love the clothes and accessories.

  3. My 4 year old would flip for this! She is obsessed with 18 inch dolls. I was planning on getting personalized books for each of my kiddos for Christmas, so this would be a great 2 birds with one stone option!

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