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LASIK: New Vision, New Year, New Me

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It’s the new year and the most common phrase around this time is “new year, new me”. While this isn’t my outlook to any new year in general, it’s literally how I’ll see my life in 2018. Having new eyesight has brought me a confidence and assurance that I didn’t even know was missing. Let me start at the beginning…

A couple of months ago, the prospect of getting laser eye surgery arose. I’d considered it before but never enough to look into what the process actually entailed. Despite having so many reasons to do it, my many misconceptions about the procedure held me back. After my LASIK consultation with Dr. Silverman of EyeCare 20/20, I learned a lot and finally felt comfortable enough to go forward with the procedure. I can’t even begin to tell you what an awesome experience I’ve had…but I’m going to try!

My husband drove me to my procedure bright and early on a Friday morning. We didn’t wait long and started with a quick routine check in the main office where I was given a pill just to relax me a bit. Then, we took an elevator downstairs where the procedures are done. There is a small waiting area outside of the procedure room where my husband could wait or even pull up a chair in front of the door and watch everything go down! This was a relief because I knew it meant that my husband would never be more than a few feet away and that’s reassuring to me.

eyecare 20/20 lasik

When it was my turn to go into the procedure room, I sat on a little table, had a hair net put on me, and was told to look at the clock. I turned my head to the right and saw a big white blob with some black around it. I only knew it to be a clock because that’s what they said, otherwise, I wouldn’t have recognized that giant blur. Then, I was told to lay down between certain spots on the table. Like a pirate, there was a patch put over the eye that wasn’t being worked on.

eyecare 20/20 lasik

Dr. Silverman came in and began to work his magic. There was pressure and some movement, a few weird sensations and smells. Within minutes, it was time to switch to the other eye. Without being too detailed, a slip of the eye is lifted while what is underneath gets adjusted to focus properly. It surprised me that this can be done in as a little as several minutes but alas, the entire thing probably took us about half an hour to include chatting with the doctor.

eyecare 20/20 lasik

My favorite part of the procedure was when they had me sit up after it was all over.  They directed me to look at the clock again. Oh my goodness, not only could I now tell that it was a clock but I could see the numbers on it! I could even see the second hand ticking away! People had told me that the initial results are instantaneous, but I think you don’t really believe it until you experience it! Dr. Silverman interrupted my moment of delight to inform me that my eyesight would actually get better than it was at that very moment. How could that be?!

eyecare 20/20 lasik

So I know that everybody’s next question is “How did recovery go?” Keep in mind that everyone is different but my recovery went swimmingly! Immediately after the procedure, they recommend that you go rest. Your eyes can be sensitive to light so you should let them rest and plus, if you’re like me, that pill to relax you can make you feel a little groggy. Still, I felt good enough to pop by and pick up some lunch before my nap.

eyecare 20/20 lasik

For the first 24 hours after LASIK, you have to wear protective goggles and then you wear them to sleep for a while. So with goggles donned, I took a nap for about three or four hours. When I woke up, I felt cheery enough to go out for dinner and ice cream! I definitely got some weird looks with those goggles on and I even caught a stranger trying to snap a picture of this crazy lady at the ice cream store (haha!) but I was so thrilled that this is what recovery felt like!

I still hadn’t had any pain by my post-op appointment the next morning but I was informed that I had incredibly dry eyes. Apparently, after LASIK your eyes temporarily forget to tear up and it’s good to use artificial tears to lubricate them a few times a day. Otherwise, everything was looking great and I did well on my eye exam. Still yet, I was told that my eyes weren’t even at their full capacity yet! My exact quote was, “But I can see you so clearly!”

It’s been a month and a half since my procedure and I can tell you that I personally have not had any pain or discomfort during healing. I do use eye drops about three times a day because my eyes are still dry, which can last for around three months. I’m currently taking a steroid eye drop due to a bit of common inflammation but it isn’t irritating me, nor is it visible. The best news of all is that I was just seen and informed that my own two eyes are seeing at 20/20! I am over the moon with joy!

Waking up with vision in the morning is my favorite part of my day! When I woke up for the first few weeks after LASIK, I would see so clearly that I thought I slept with my contacts in until I remembered that these are my eyes now! It’s funny that it’s kind of hard to believe, even when you’re seeing it with your own two eyes. It’s been so astounding not to have to rely on anyone or anything else to help me live my life every day. There is an entire step removed from my morning and night routines, there’s nothing holding me back. I feel relieved, I feel happy, I feel whole.

Would I recommend this Dr. Silverman’s LASIK procedure to others? Absolutely, 100%. I experienced not a second of pain and now I have perfect eyesight. Are you kidding?! With nothing to lose and everything to gain, I think it would be one of the best decisions anyone could make.

Do you have any questions or comments for me or Dr. Silverman? Share them below!

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14 thoughts on “LASIK: New Vision, New Year, New Me

  1. That must have been terrifying but I’m so happy for you that it all worked out and that you can see so clearly now. My daughter wears contacts and after reading your review I definitely think we’ll investigate LASIK. It would mean the world to her if it can be fixed

    1. Thank you! It was a little nerve-wracking before I went in but not in a scary way, more like because I knew it was going to be a weird experience having somebody all over my eyeballs! Haha! Totally worth it!

  2. Congrats on getting this done! My biggest fear is the dry eye and worry that it might be irreversible. I hope these good effects are long lasting for you!

    1. Every eye doctor I’ve talked to so far has actually said about three months was the normal time for this side effect but to be honest, a few eye drops a day still beats all of the hassle I was dealing with with contacts and glasses! I’m down to using the eye drops pretty much right as I wake up though and that’s it so I think it’ll be going away entirely soon!

  3. This is so amazing. I loved reading your story and can really feel your excitement. I’m thinking about it myself just from your story. Do they need another blogger but from South Carolina???? Haha! Good for you Tiffany!

    1. Hey, I’ve always been of the opinion that you should move closer! Lots of blogger action in NYC and they are in a really cute NJ area not far outside of NYC lol

  4. That is amazing that everything went smoothly and it gave you a new profound confidence. I have definitely thought about doing this but I rely on my glasses too much. As someone told me, “ I hide behind my glasses” which is true. But this post definitely gave me something to think about, thank you so much!

    1. Yeah, a lot of people said to me, “but you look so good in your glasses!” I just wanted to the convenience so much! I can just be one of those people who occasionally wears prescription-free glasses as a fashion statement lol

  5. So glad you are healing well and didn’t have any pain or discomfort. I have 20/20 vision and hoping to continue to have great eye sight well into my old age. However, if necessary, I think laser eye surgery is a good option. I have heard great things about the procedure from those who have had the surgery.

  6. I am go glad to have found this, i have a lasik consultation in the coming weeks and i have kept postponding as i am scared but i really want to get raid of my lenses. reading this post gave me some kind of confidence to to for the appointment with the doctor and get it done once and for all.Thanks for sharing this.

  7. I’m actually kinda jealous you got Lasik! 🙂 But so happy for you to SEE now! I wanted to get it so badly and went through all the test/exams, but came back not a good candidate for the surgery. Oh, well, it’s contacts and glasses for me. Hoping my boys can one day get it, though!

  8. Oh!! Congratulations on your clear eyesight. I am so happy for you girl. It must have been so terrifying.

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