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Lotus Trolley Bags Reusable Shopping Organizer Giveaway! Ends 1/21

We have to do our part to decrease our carbon footprint in the environment and that means making changes to the amount of waste we’re producing. If you use ten bags every time you go grocery shopping and you grocery shop a couple of times a week, that equates to a lot of bags that aren’t exactly fantastic for nature. If that doesn’t tug at your conscience, a lot of grocery stores are actually starting to charge for plastic bags unless you bring reusable bags with you. That’s where the Lotus Trolley Bags come in!

Reusable bags are great but wouldn’t it be nice for the sorting to be done right there in the store?! Lotus Trolley Bags are reusable shopping bags that spread across your shopping cart to allow you to organize your groceries, making the entire process much simpler! We mentioned these in our holiday parent gift guide because I think the gift of an easy shopping trip is good for anyone! There are pockets inside for your eggs, wine, and anything else that needs its own space. The rods inside the bags rest over the edges of the cart to hold the bags upright.

Lotus Trolley Bags fold up to the size of any regular shopping bag but when expanded, you’ve got four big bags for your groceries, to include a cooler bag. The cooler bag helps to keep your frozen items cool while you finish up your shopping trip. Heavy stitching allows you to store up to 50 pounds in each bag and better yet, they’re washable! If you’re going the reusable route, go all the way and make your life easier!

Lotus Produce Bags are new to the mix, bringing the plastic free lifestyle to your produce! You get BPA-free, washable, produce bags in three different sizes. You can use them as snack bags, delicates, travel, pretty much anything.

You can purchase Lotus Trolley Bags here for $29.95.

What kinds of things will you be putting in your Lotus Trolley Bags?

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We’re so happy with these bags as parents and constant shoppers that we paired up with Lotus Trolley Bags to give one lucky winner these plastic-free bags of ease!

Lotus Trolley Bags


One (1) winner will receive a set of Lotus Trolley Bags and Lotus Produce Bags. Open to US only. Ends 1/21

*The Quirky Mom Next Door received the above item(s) in exchange for our honest review. All opinions and experiences are our own only. Open to US only. Must be 18+. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Giveaway ends January 21, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. (EST). One entrant per household/IP address. Winner(s) will be chosen at random by Giveaway Tools. Winner will be notified via e-mail and must reply within 48 hours, or a new winner will be chosen. Prize will be shipped from sponsor unless otherwise noted. The Quirky Mom Next Door is not responsible for prizes lost or damaged in transit. This giveaway is not in any way associated with or endorsed by Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest or any other social media network.

110 thoughts on “Lotus Trolley Bags Reusable Shopping Organizer Giveaway! Ends 1/21

  1. These would be great to put all of my food in. I feel like the only two things I would leave out of them would be eggs and bread. Very neat!

  2. I would use them for my trips to Aldi! Especially to bag after purchase! It would help tremendously putting groceries away!

  3. These bags will be very useful. While shopping I can separate my produce from milks as well as my canned or boxed items. I will also be able to use them at the department stores for separating items for different family members and the angel families, checking to make sure I have everything.

  4. I LOVE shopping at Aldo! These would be perfect for it! Making it so much faster for me! I love having my groceries organized so when I get home it makes putting them away(my least favorite part of grocery shopping) easier and faster.

  5. These bags look fantastic for all shopping needs especially is a food shopping run. Hopefully my bags will be full of healthy foods this year 😀😀

  6. I’ve been looking at this brand of bags and wondered how they held up.
    I do most of my shoppimg at WINCO and you bag your own groceries. Bags like this come in very handy!

  7. I’ve wondered how these bags hold up over time 🙂
    Bags like this would be really helpful where I grocery shop and bag our own groceries. (Winco). I enjoy using reusable bags.

  8. I would be putting all kinds of groceries in the bags especially can goods. This would be very helpful as our local Aldi you have to bring your own bags

  9. These would be great for grocery stores that let you scan your food and bag it yourself. You could scan into each bag to have it already sorted — pay and go. I’d use it for groceries!

  10. I would use them at the grocery store, separting food items. It sure would make check-out easier as the put my items back in the bags they came out of.

  11. I would love these bags to sort my groceries by where they are stored in my kitchen. Especially handy since my town is now requiring stores to charge for plastic bags and I am constantly forgetting my reusable bags. This wouldn’t be a problem if I win these;-)

  12. Meijer’s recently opened in my area and I’m addicted! I love their clothes, housewares, and grocery. I would not have a problem filling those bags!!

  13. These bags would be perfect for my weekly trips to the grocery store. Perfect for keeping organized and related things together as you shop. Like that there is a cooler bag to keep perishable items cool, too!

  14. I frequently grocery shop with a friend who drives me, and this would be handy way to divide our items in the cart.

  15. I would love to have these for groceries. It tales a lot to bring in groceries so the Trolly bags would come in handy.

  16. I have plastic shopping bags everywhere! This would not only organize me, but would cut down on the waste of plastic bags and would save me even a little money. The stores would give me 5 cents for every bag I bring in. Woo hoo!

  17. These are so perfect for organizing! I end up doing that on the belt then at the end but this makes it easy and green right from the start!

  18. Oooo I’ve seen these before! I would all sorts of yummy produce and healthy foods in these bags! My husband and I are turning over a new leaf and trying to live a healthier lifestyle!

  19. I’ll be using the Lotus Trolley Bags for groceries. They just opened up a new grocery store in my neighborhood. These bags would definately come in handy.

  20. I would use the Lotus Trolley Bags for groceries. They are perfect for keeping delicate produce and eggs seperate from everything else.

  21. I currently use canvas bags when shopping, however these Trolley Bags appear to be much more efficient. I would use them for all my groceries. 🙂 Thank you.

  22. I will be putting fresh fruits and veggies as well as eggs. Frozen foods and meats will be added to bags along with almond milk.

  23. These would be amazing to have for shopping. It would help me separate our must haves and our wants to stay within a budget instead of it all getting thrown in a big pile in the cart.

  24. I shop mostly at Aldi’s and would love to try these bags. They would hold lots of groceries and they are washable too!

  25. I would love to use the Lotus Trolley Bags to keep my sons foods that are gluten free separated from the gluten food i buy

  26. I will be using these for grocery shopping! I use reusable shopping bags but I love that I can sort things as I go down the aisles!

  27. These look awesome! They would totally come in handy every week when I have to lug the tons of groceries up the steps! Man teenage boys eat a lot!! 😜😂

  28. I would use these for my groceries and keeping things separated, such as cold items together, and meats away from produce.

  29. I do a lot of shopping at Aldis and a party warehouse store in our area that is also bring your own bags. This looks a lot more organized than the bagging system I have going on right now.

  30. These trolley bags would be very useful during grocery shopping. It will help me keep things organized and make it easier to shop.

  31. As someone who is vegetarian and lives in a house of meat-eaters, I would put my stuff (produce) at one end and their items at the other!

  32. When I go to the grocery store, I like to bag my own bags and put in as much as possible to make as few trips back and forth from the car. These would be great to put a lot of things in without worrying about the bags ripping! Thank you!!

  33. So in theory, this would help my husband not hide stuff from me any more. As we were checking out, found out he snuck Starbursts into the cart. Thank you

  34. We love doing anything we can to help save the environment, so we will be using these to carry our groceries! Thank you for hosting this contest!

  35. I would put my groceries in them and also fresh fruits and veggies I buy at our local market each Saturday.

  36. I was just wondering about these the other day, I use reusable bags anyway but I think these would be great to make fewer trips with my groceries!

  37. I’d love to use these to separate all my different groceries. What a cool idea! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  38. I would be putting my groceries in them. I would be able to separate hot & cold items. These would be wonderful to have!

  39. This is so nice!! I would love a set of these bags. I’d use one for produce, one for frozen foods, and one for the rest of my groceries. I like keeping similar things/foods together. It makes it easier to put away once I get home.

  40. I would love to put my items in these and have my groceries separated. Great to separate what you need to–fruits and veggies, bread, frozen meals, etc.

  41. These would be so handy for separating out refrigerator and freezer items from dry goods and canned goods. It would make shopping and unloading the groceries at home so much easier. I would use for all of the groceries!

  42. These would be great to keep my breads from getting squished and to put all frozen and dairy items in so when I have to put them in the cooker for the ride home

  43. These would be nice to have when grocery shopping. I like to keep my meat and other items separated. Thanks!

  44. I don’t like to use plastic bags in the produce section, so I’d bag my carrots, celery, broccoli, radishes, asparagus, fruit, and all kinds of goodies!

    Thanks for a great giveaway.

  45. I often do more than one transaction to get the most bang for my coupons at the grocery store to get gas points. These would come in handy!

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