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100 Years of Magic with Disney on Ice and Family!

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We started the year out fabulously last year with a family visit to see Disney on Ice and it was so lovely that we decided to do it again this year! The great thing about Disney on Ice is that no matter how many times you’ve seen it, you can always catch a different performance. Playing at Trenton’s CURE Insurance Arena this year was 100 Years of Magic, an anniversary celebration for Mickey and Minnie featuring over 50 characters from the classics to your newest favorites!

Disney on Ice

Mickey and Minnie Disney on Ice

100 Years of Magic was my favorite! Aladdin, Toy Story, and The Lion King are among the best Disney movies from my childhood and I was so happy to see each one come skating and singing across the ice! Disney on Ice performers are incredibly skilled, doing all kinds of tricks on the ice while skating to shortened versions of some of your favorite Disney movies!

Beauty and the Best Disney on Ice

I waited until we got in the car to surprise the kids with where we were going.  Everyone, from my youngest to my eldest (ages 3 to 11) hooted and hollered in excitement! Even my husband enjoys Disney on Ice, there are always at least several songs he knows and I catch him singing along. Don’t tell anyone! Every scene is mesmerizing and the 100 Years of Magic was a huge collection of different movie characters!

Beauty and the Beast Disney on Ice

The show began with old-fashioned favorites Donald Duck and Goofy introducing the most famous Mickey and Minnie. Mickey and Minnie were congratulated on their anniversary.  Donald and Goofy wanted to give them a present, and they know that the best present is a memorable story.  Goofy had writer’s block, however,  and then everyone began to put on a performance as to inspire him! We first saw the adorable Pinnochio and some of his crew skate freely as if without any strings. Then Dory took the ice to find her parents with the help of Nemo and Marlin. I was particularly enamored with the giant turtle, Crush, and I really wish I could’ve taken him home!

Ariel Disney on Ice

From there, Belle and the Beast fell in love before our eyes and we watched the magic of the rose break the curse. The kids loved seeing the rose light up when it worked its magic on the Beast! The beautiful Cinderella and her prince danced and spun around then Ariel and Eric took their place and did the same, performing moves that we’ve seen in Olympic games! The skill is astounding! Eric spun Ariel around by her feet and all of us in the crowd gasped and applauded! I heard all of my kids exclaim, “Tiana!!!” when she came gliding onto the stage with her quick dancing and stunning smile!

Aladdin Disney on Ice

When Aladdin and Jasmine flew out on the stage, my husband and I were the ecstatic ones. Genie and then all of the Genie clones did an awesome job with “Friend Like Me”! I feel like Aladdin gets left out so much these days that I was so surprised and happy to see it included! Rapunzel danced with Flynn and then Snow White took their place, all of them doing even more tricks I know I could never pull off!

Frozen Disney on Ice

Of course, everyone lost it when Elsa and Anna glided out! They took us through much of Frozen, to include the evil Hans and Olaf’s memorable “In Summer” song! Elsa’s powers sparked all kinds of magic to happen on stage and it was clear that everyone loved it! “Let It Go” wasn’t just sung by Elsa, she was definitely accompanied by everyone in the arena!

Frozen Disney on Ice

Mulan is another movie from my childhood that gets forgotten all too often so I think everyone was thrilled to see her come out on stage and see the dragon dance! Woody and Buzz brought joy to me and my son and we giggled as they sang “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”. Then Timon and Pumbaa lamented about love while Simba and Nala danced a close and acrobatic number. Despite all of the magnificent scenes, wowing moves, and air lifts, when everyone came out together at the end was my favorite. It reminded me of the happy ending in every Disney movie I’ve ever seen and the beauty we’ll soon experience at Disney World!

Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice is not only a perfect activity to do with the family, it’s the best annual thing to do with them! It’s all of the Disney magic combined with professional skating, movie scenes, theme songs, and fun.

Disney on Ice

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Disney on Ice

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  1. I’ve always wanted to see Disney on Ice… oh and take my kids too!! LOL. I’m excited to see which shows will come to my area!

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