First Steps in Faith: The Beginner’s Bible

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Back in May, I told you about my toddler’s new book, The Beginner’s Bible First 100 Words. I’m happy to tell you that it’s still her favorite book because she can read it to me herself and it’s got so many Bible buzz words that keep her engaged and talking about the Bible. We’re no strangers to The Beginner’s Bible brand because my kids have been reading it since they were little. A wise pastor once said that a Bible in pristine condition is a Bible going unread. As you look to God’s Word, you earmark pages and make notes in the margins. You highlight the sections you need for easy reference and keep reading over and over. A kids’ Bible is a little different but if you look closely, it tells their tale of growing faith.

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My older children both received original copies of The Beginner’s Bible as gifts. If you flip through these pages now, you’ll see scribbley crayon underlining from when they were still little and their primary interaction was when I would read it to them. You’ll also find words circled in pencil, and pen notations on things that were familiar to them. It has grown with them, day after day, year after year.

The Beginner’s Bible is an easy to read collection of over 90 stories from the Bible with vibrant illustrations. The Beginner’s Bible brand has been a part of families for nearly 30 years! They recently shared a picture of some of their older versions of The Beginner’s Bible. It brought a tear to my eye, and a smile to my face. I have such fond memories with my babies as they’ve grown! They actually have a brand new gift edition that will make for a great gift for the holidays but we’ll get into that in a future post and even include a giveaway, so keep an eye out!

It’s not just The Beginner’s Bible though. they have so many other books to help kids learn about Jesus and The Word! I love the variety because kids’ interests and abilities change as they get older but I know that as a parent, I want to make sure they are able to learn about God in a way that makes sense to them. Prayer is absolutely essential to living a Christ-centered life and the Bible tells us so repeatedly. The Beginner’s Bible: My First Book of Prayers has thick, hard pages, like a board book, and leads children in prayers about gratitude, forgiveness, sharing, honesty, and so much more that I know many of us are still praying about now as adults! Each page has a short block of prayer, accompanied by a Bible verse relating to it, and a vibrant illustration. All of my kids use it to pray together. It’s a really age-appropriate way to launch a child’s prayer life.

I’ve always loved the early reader series by The Beginner’s Bible called I Can Read! These books are awesome for shared readings and targets new readers between the ages four and eight. The sentences are relatively easy and the stories are engaging. Noah and the Great Big Ark tells and illustrates the story of Noah and the ark that God told him to build. Queen Esther Saves Her People tells of the story of Esther with short sentences kids can understand and readers can read on their own. Jesus is Born is joining our Christmas book tradition. Every year, we read Christmas books together, but my favorites are the ones the kids can read to us. It’s so wonderful to hear the story of Jesus through their little mouths.

Speaking of Christmas books, we’ve also introduced The Very First Christmas and A Christmas Celebration. The Very First Christmas is a more detailed version of the Christmas story with a few sentences on brightly illustrated pages. It’s a perfect one for reading to the little ones by the fire on Christmas Eve. Nothing helps a child understand a story like engaging activities and A Christmas Celebration brings the story to life through puzzles, challenges, and over 50 stickers.

All Aboard Noah’s Ark is my personal favorite because I love lift-the-flap books! It gets everyone’s attention because it’s full of little surprises. Even I always want to see what’s under each flap! Another great thing about this one is the way it encourages kids to name colors, foods, sounds, and more through questions on each page.

The Beginner’s Bible is meant to introduce young children to the Word of God in a way that they can understand, to help them commence their own Christian lives, and it’s our choice both at home and at several of the Sunday schools we’ve attended!

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  1. My girls love the Beginner’s Bible. I remember when my oldest was in Pre-K, she would ask me to read “The Big Whale Story” almost daily. I love how easy it is for them to follow along.

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