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We’ve been going to the same church since we moved here. It’s a non-denominational Christian church, similar to the one we went to in New Jersey. In my experience with non-denominational Christian churches, everything is pretty modernized. There are short codes that you can text for information and tithing, live streamed messages through Facebook, and just a general new age vibe. For many who are very old-fashioned, the way that modern Christianity conducts itself is wild and even wrong. To me, it’s just a tangible version of what is already true – God is everywhere.

When I walked into our church this past Sunday morning, there were these odd little containers on the chairs. I’d never seen them before and it took a minute before I realized what they were. “Communion to-go”, I giggled aloud to my husband. It was a tiny cup of juice covered in plastic, with another layer of plastic containing the wafer. I held it in my hand as the church transitioned to begin service and the lights went dim. “So modern”, I kept thinking. Why do we often say modern like it’s a bad thing? The world has grown more convenient, sure, but God remains the same.

modern christianity communion

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. – Hebrews 13:8

As I sipped this little plastic juice like I was sampling a new flavor at the grocery store, I considered everything in a metaphorical sense. The size or cup I was drinking from didn’t change what it meant to me. Christ shed His blood for me and this was representative of that, no matter how it presented itself. This on-the-go cup was portable, as God is. It is available to everyone, as God is. Just because it has become more physically convenient to worship, to pray, to tithe, even to read the Bible, doesn’t mean it’s really changed how available God has always been to us. If anything, I’d say there is even less of an excuse now to skip church or pick up the Bible. We have a car and probably access to every denomination of churches.  We can get the Bible on your phone. God is right there if we want Him and He definitely wants us.

I say all of this not to judge or coerce, but just as an observation about modern day Christianity and Christians, including myself. Whether you’re reading His Word on an app or in a book with loose binding that belonged to your great great grandfather, God sees our hearts. We get to God in all different ways but He loves us exactly the same as yesterday.

modern day christianity

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