Warming Up in the Winter with Mr. Heater!

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So when we were preparing to move to Tennessee from New Jersey, I thought the winters would have nothing but rays of sunshine that could melt away the memories of snow.  Little did I know, but apparently, it does snow in Tennessee, especially up in the mountains.  In fact, our children have already missed more school here due to inclement weather this year than they typically would the entire year in New Jersey.  I kid you not!  We have seen so much in terms of weather, from violent winds, to hail, to beautifully sunny days.  It really does run the full gambit, and I absolutely love it!


Yet, with every storm, I cannot help but wonder if “this will be the day we lose power.”  Losing power in our current home is something we dread.  Our house doesn’t heat via natural gas.  We are all electric here.  Electricity is absolutely critical.  When those temperatures dip low, and pipes are lined towards the exterior of the house, or in unheated basements, pipes can freeze in a matter of hours.  It’s very important to have contingency plans in those situations.  There’s a reason why the gas companies pay to market on billboards all across the state.  Their motto is, “When the power is out, we’re not,” and they have a picture of a hand with a match in front of the stove.  Phenomenal marketing play.

Even if you have natural gas however, it is always good to have a backup plan.  Space heaters come in extremely handy.  They do so much more than simply chase a chill out, and there are so many out there to choose from.  There are electrical ones, but again, if power goes out, they won’t be of much use.  Kerosene is an option, but the problem there is the smell.  I grew up having to use them in the winter, and I ended up pouring some on my hands, my clothes, the floor… all over the place!  It was virtually impossible to get the smell of the gas off!  I swear, I’d rather be sprayed by a skunk than go down that road again.


Enter Mr. Heater.  Mr. Heater is a company that specializes in portable heaters that run on propane.  They come in a variety of sizes, and they really do have varied uses.  Propane in and of itself is a much ‘safer’ option when you think about it.  There’s no pouring, no spilling, and when you have a sealed canister around, you don’t smell anything.  We opted for the Portable Buddy Heater (MH9BX).

For starters, the Portable Buddy Heater is directional heat.  So if you wanted to warm up a room, a barn, a workshop, or an office, it’s perfect!  With a small press down on the pilot button, it starts right up.  Within seconds, the grill glows a bright orange and you can feel the heat flooding out the front of it.  There is a safety grill so nothing catches on fire, or you don’t inadvertently reach into it, but I still don’t recommend touching it!  It gets REAL hot.  We’re talking 4,000 BTU on low, and 9,000 BTU.  Basically it can heat up a 225 square foot room fairly easily.

As I said earlier, the Portable Buddy Heater runs on sealed containers of propane.  It comes equipped to run on those nice little 1 pound containers (think portable grills).  The gas is usually enough to last two hours or so on low, and four on high.  The bright side is they are readily available at so many locations, and they come in handy in so many ways.

Now I know what you are thinking.  “What about those big ole gas tanks that we fire up our grills with?  Can they be used as well?”  The answer is, yes they can.  You can hook up your typical twenty pound tank to the Portable Buddy Heater with an optional hose and filter.  Now there is something to keep in mind if you want to go that route although it’s not recommended for indoor use.  Those tanks are refillable, and any refillable tank may not have an air tight connection, and the last thing you want is a room filling up with propane.   Consider yourself warned.

Safety is a definite concern, and thankfully, the Portable Buddy Heater is also equipped with a tip over shut off switch.  It’s internal, so that’s one thing you don’t have to worry about.  That’s a beautiful thing when you have a house full of littles, be they furry or human.

The Portable Buddy Heater has a lot of utility.  It weighs in itself at a mere ten pounds, and unlike other spot heaters, it’s usable year round.  The warmer months can still get a chill in the air, and with the Portable Buddy Heater, you can still enjoy those nights.  It’s like having a camp fire anywhere, at any time, even in your tents when you camp!

All in all, the Portable Buddy Heater is a must have.  It’s relatively inexpensive when you consider all the versatility it has.  You can pick up your own Portable Buddy Heater, or look at various other models here.

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205 thoughts on “Warming Up in the Winter with Mr. Heater!

  1. This heater would be great for our business. We own a drywall patch and repair company, and in the winter we need to keep the rooms warm so that the drywall mud could dry.

  2. Our house gets very cold in the winter because our main heat source is a wood burner. There are times when the fire goes out and a burner like this would keep us warm without the work involved.

  3. I’d use this for our garage. My husband often plays board games out there with his friends. If I put a heater out there they’d probably be a bit more comfy.

  4. I would use in our basement/living room area it is about 10 degrees cooler down there than our bedroom up stairs and we spend a lot of time downstairs

  5. We’re very outdoorsy, and this would help with camping and the garage. Our game room is also much colder than the rest of the house, so this would help with that.

  6. My dad loves to sit outside but because of his disabilities he gets cold easily. I’d put this out by his patio chairs so he can enjoy the property

  7. I what do you use this heater to keep my three little ones warm while taking their bath because our bathroom tends to freeze so when I’m giving my four-year-old two year old and nine month old bath this would be very handy to have in the bathroom.

  8. I’d use it to heat my house! I haven’t had heat in almost 2 months (trying to get a new system installed with my home warranty). So I need one!!

  9. My husband doesn’t have heat in his little man-shed and he would love having one of these so he can keep warm.

  10. I would keep it in the upstairs bedroom. My boyfriend is always freezing while everyone else in the house is hot. This way we can keep the heat in the house turned down while he is nice and toasty upstairs.

  11. I have lots of places I would use this. I would use it when our heat goes out, on my patio on cool fall nights, have my husband take it to the hunting cabin.

  12. I would love to have a portable Mr. Buddy heater for when we have cookouts and out door activities with family and friends. The kiddos tend to get cold quicker and its no fun for anyone when the kids get cold and cranky.

  13. Waiting to get a furnace fixed right now no heat so the portable heaters are out still very cold. Like 56 degrees in here but I got blankets also.

  14. I haven’t turned on my central heat in 3 years and heat the living room/kitchen with a portable heater. I would use this new one for the bedrooms.

  15. Would use it in any room in my home or whenever we go camping. Uses are Endless with this portable heater.

  16. This would be great for my house, or just going to a friend’s house since I’m always cold!

  17. My wife and I could use for lots of things like when we are out in the garage working, hunting and fishing, Out on the patio …all kind of uses.

  18. This would be great for heating the garage a bit, when the physical activity of working isn’t adequate.

  19. As much as I love this heater and would want to gift it to myself, I would give it to my parents. I like that it is lightweight for my dad because since his spinal surgeries, he can not lift a lot. My mom is a cardiovascular patient and is always freezing. She turns the heat up and my dad turns it down. This would be a great heater to help her adjust and my dad not get too hot.

  20. We would probably keep it on low in the bedroom to augment our regular heat,and be thankful we had backup heat if our main system went out.

  21. I would use it to keep my husbands legs and feet warm. He gets cold easily because of his diabetes

  22. I would use it heat our bedroom because we don’t have regular heat in the house. We have a pellet stove in the sun room and a heater in the wall in the living room but we have to use personal heater for the bedrooms. So this would be great to keep us warm. I would also use it for when it’s cold outside and I have a home project to do.

  23. My MIL likes the house about 10 degrees warmer than anyone else, so this would be great for keeping her warm so everyone else doesn’t have to swelter.

  24. My son’s room is like seriously, the coldest room in the house in the winter. I would give this heater to him to help him feel more comfortable during the chilly nights. And *I* would feel better as well, knowing he has a safe heater that is keeping him warm.

  25. If I won I would give it to my husband. He likes to make toys from wood and donate them. He works in our garage and it can get pretty cold.

  26. This is really cool and could be used almost anywhere. In the part of Arizona I live in the winters only get cold enough sometimes to use something like this to take the chill off but I could certainly see many uses and areas of use. Thank you for this opportunity 🙂

  27. i would give it to my sister for her basement.its their game room but it gets real cold in the winter.

  28. I’d give it to my son who does a lot of creative metal work in his garage and it gets mighty chilly in cold weather.

  29. I would use this heater when working in my non-attached garage which is not heated in the winter.

  30. We are converting our garage into an outdoor sitting area/ game room. I would use this heater to heat the garage in the cold winter months!

  31. I would use this at my desk. My husband is always hot and I am always cold so it would help with the balance

  32. My kids are both in scouts and we go cold weather camping a lot. I would use this to take on camping trips with us.

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