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I feel like we’ve become experts at indoor family activities since the COVID-19 lockdown began. Every day, the kids work on their school work and then the minute that the “bell” rings, we launch into fun mode. We’ve played so many board games together and some video games. One of the best new additions to our collection has been ProjeX, the projecting game arcade.


What is ProjeX?

Projex is incredibly easy to use and so addicting! First of all, you don’t need a TV to play ProjeX. You don’t even need electricity. As a matter of fact, the less light the better, because you play by projecting onto any wall. You point the blasters, equipped with laser lights, at your target and shoot. Complete with sound effects! Your point totals show up on the LED scoring display and you can play with one or two players.

Difficulty levels

There are three difficulty levels on ProjeX which are found on easily changed, separate slides. Blue is easy with targets as your focus. Red is medium level aimed at UFOs. Ducks can be found on the white slide, being the most difficult one. Each game has different levels you can set it to also. The game itself is recommended for anyone age 6 and up but even my preschooler is getting the hang of it on easy mode. I didn’t see anything about cats in the information but my cat also seems to be a big fan, which everyone finds hilarious. Every single time we play, he shows up to get involved. It’s really become quite the family affair. I play alone from time to time!



With as many kids as we have, it’s absolutely necessary for a two-player option on anything! ProjeX goes a little further by giving you the option of playing head-to-head or co-op, meaning that you play as a team and your score is combined! You can play solo, which I often prefer, but my kids go crazy playing together, usually in competition because of course my children are competitive. Haha!


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The fact that ProjeX is battery-operated is awesome to me! My mind immediately went to power outages and backyard night-time play. Using our movie projector screen, the kids can play ProjeX at a backyard party. If there was a storm, the kids could still play ProjeX in the dark. Three AA batteries and rechargeable AA batteries are so easy to find! No fuss!


Projex is going to be a lasting game in my household. It really doesn’t count as screen time and the games keep them occupied for ages. They can do it all completely themselves and anywhere they want. We all love it!


You can purchase a ProjeX game set for $49.99 from Target, Walmart, and

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