Creating a Productive Work Space

Ever since I stepped foot in this new house, I’ve been all about cleaning and decorating. There is something so peaceful about having a clean, organized space and knowing where everything is. When everything has a place, I feel like I have so much less to do all at once. Now that I’m overjoyed with my work space, I want to share my tips on how you can create your own productive work space!


Location, location, location

I know that a lot more of you are working from home than previously, due to the pandemic, so now seems like the right time to discuss choosing a space in your home and designating it as your own work space. Not everyone has an office but I believe that you can turn anything into an office. If I weren’t using my walk-in closet as a craft room, that would probably be my favorite place for an office because it’s secluded and has a door. Instead, I’ve chosen a comfortable spot in my family room.

Having a specific room or area for this purpose trains your brain to get into work mode and also tells others in the household that if you are in this space, back off, that’s work time!



You want to be comfortable but not too comfortable. If you settle down to work in a place where you relax, for instance, your brain naturally gets tired out of habit. It is trained to wind down in that instance and you may find that it’s an uphill battle to be fruitful! An upright work chair may be necessary, or even one of those balancing balls that people use to stay active at their desks.

I settle in on my family room couch but I never relax there, as a rule. If I am to do nothing but relax, it’s off to bed I go. If I’m sitting in my cozy “work space”, I’m making content happen. Actually, if I ever have the time to relax, it’s probably next to a waterfall. But I digress, ha!


work space



The first and probably most important step after you’ve designated a place to work is to declutter your work area. You can’t get anything done if you can barely find your work! A stack of unrelated papers and a pile of nearly inkless pens is not going to contribute to productivity. If it doesn’t contribute to your productivity? Gone!


Essential vs. non-essential

Going along with the decluttering, make sure that while you are getting rid of non-essential items, you make sure that you have all of the essential ones. You don’t want to be distracted by non-essential items but you also don’t want to have to leave your work area to find a notebook or a particular pen. If you have a favorite pen, a pen that just motivates you (I totally do!), make sure that it’s within reach from where you want the magic to happen.



I love little bins, holders, and everything else that looks lovely while holding on to the things I need. I have separate notebooks for separate jobs, which I keep in a specific area meant for them. I tuck my pens away in a little gold cup where no one can tell they are, except me. I love the presentation of my space but also the usefulness of it. I keep all of my backup items inside of a big table/storage bin in case I need anything.



Make your space clean with pleasant decor that won’t distract you. My Decocrated subscription box has really been helping me out with that. It feels so much to me like a professional, elegant place to get things done! The minute I walk into the room, I feel really refreshed and motivated. It’s minimalistic but pretty and for me, it yells productive!

work space


What motivates you? What does your designated work space look like?


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