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Play House with JC Toys Baby Dolls

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There are so many toys that come and go in a kid’s life but the ones that stand ut to me are the ones they never forget about, the ones that create memories. I grew up with baby dolls from JC Toys. My sister played with them, I played with them. So, you can imagine the nostalgia when my daughter picked one out at the store a few years ago. Years later, toys have come and gone but guess what still lives in our house? Or should I say who? Little “Emma”!

When my daughter asked for a baby bathtub for her birthday, I knew where to look. JC Toys has so many beautiful baby dolls that look very realistic but they also have a lot of really cool accessories for dolls. I surprised my girlie by picking her up at school on her birthday with a car full of JC Toys! She was absolutely over the moon!

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The La Newborn Baby Doll with Hooded Rabbit Towel looks so real and adorable, plus that hood is so cute! We can’t get over the sweet little matching bunny! She goes perfectly with the For Keeps! Baby Doll Bathtub and Accessories. The baby bath is actually functioning, with a little flower that dispenses water when you fill the tub. It comes with accessories necessary for a thorough bath, like play soap! After her bath, “Aaliyah” (what my daughter named her) was put down for a nap in her Deluxe Baby Doll PlayPen. It’s a play pen, yes, but my creative girl decided to straighten the edges to shape it like a crib! When her nap is over, she feeds her baby with the included baby food, bottle, and cup. Then they play in the play pen with her rattle!

jc toys

If you have a child that is obsessed with dolls like all of my girls were, JC Toys is a brand that you should be looking into. The babies look so real and there are so many things your child can do, they’ll be occupied forever because that seems to be how long the dolls hold up for. Not to mention, I think that playing with dolls is a very healthy activity that has existed for so long! Childhood me and mom me both recommend JC Toys for all of your baby doll needs! You can find them featured on our holiday gift guide for just that reason. I also noticed that they offer gift cards too!

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  1. This is great to know there are still toy stores that sell toys that aren’t video games. I loved playing with my dolls. It enjoyed being caring and nurturing to them.

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