Laser X: Having A Blast with Family

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We’re back again with my current favorite series of toys! The Laser X series of laser guns can all be played together and as a family that loves games, we’ve gone crazy for them! Seven people means that we need a lot of laser guns but I love that we can have a bunch of different¬†styles of blasters and still all play together.

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The selection of laser tag gear available from Laser X is honestly incredible. As a mom and a laser tag player as far back as I can remember, I am smitten with the brand. We’ve tried out three different blasters so far and each one has been awesome for different reasons. We previously talked about the Laser X Revolution, which has the chest strap and has a range up to 300 feet. My son loves to cover the chest shield on those (cheater!).

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Now, we’ve got the Laser X Evolution and the Micro Blasters. The Evolution has a range up to 300 feet also but all you need is the blaster on this one. You can choose from more than 20 team colors, which really appeals to my kids. My 13 year old daughter absolutely insists on being pink every time! Reload is easy, just slide the top and you’re set. This particular blaster is my personal favorite because it’s big but not bulky, so it feels great in my hands and the long-range certainly helps me to kick some booty!

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Do you remember the noisy cricket from the MIB movies? The Micro Blasters remind me of this little blaster that still packs the punch and gets the job done! Their range is 100 feet and the receiver is within the blaster itself. My son prefers the miniature nature of these guns because they can fit into his pockets! When it’s just us, he grabs two blasters and tucks one in each pocket like a holster! These retail for less than $20 so if you’re looking to stock up for a huge group like a birthday party, I think they’d be perfect. I feel like they at least have to be part of your collection!

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I feel like it’s not and never will be a question for me of whether or not to use Laser X for our home laser tag experience, it will just be a question of WHICH ONE should we go with! With all Laser X gear working together and allowing for unlimited players, this will be the go-to for parties, family gatherings, or absolutely any kind of activity. You can play with all of this gear inside bouncing off walls and mirror, or outside, day or night. I got these in exchange for the blog, sure, but would I have bought them? The answer is DEFINITELY! I was at the store for the micro blasters around Christmas but they were out of stock at the time! I’m 100% behind Laser X and I love the nostalgia and joy it brings me and my family!

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Screen-free play is essential but I think it’s even more essential that families find time to play together and in order for that to happen, I think you need to find a hobby that they can all enjoy. For our family, it’s a run through the yard with laser blasters, hiding and sneaking up on each other. I wholeheartedly recommend that your family give these a shot, no pun intended. Good luck defeating your sly little children! ūüėČ


You can purchase a Laser X Evolution Laser Tag set here for $29.97. You can also get the Laser X Micro Blaster set here for $19.99.

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*The Quirky Mom Next Door received the above item(s) in exchange for our honest review. All opinions and experiences are our own only.

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