Punchbowl: Happy E Valentine’s Day with a GIVEAWAY!

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Valentine’s Day is coming up and I always love to celebrate love! Unfortunately, that celebration may look a bit different for some people right now, either because you can’t risk being around your loved ones or for families like mine, they all live pretty far away. We’re smitten with Punchbowl’s newest e-card features for such an occasion!

Punchbowl has been a popular e-card service for years now, but they’re always adding new designs and features. Given how tough things have been in the world, they’ve added a video message feature that I adore. Online cards are wonderful but adding such a personal touch is going to lift absolutely anyone’s day!

Grandparents are taking quite a hit having to be away from probably their most favorite little people in the entire world and I know that my children’s grandparents will all be so happy to see their smiling faces as they wish them a “Happy Valentine’s Day!” via a Punchbowl valentine!

My besties back in New Jersey surely miss my face too, right? I just know they’ll appreciate it on their screens, LOL! I just wish there was a way that I could easily send my banana bread hearts too! Honestly though, I think in the last year we’ve really realized how important that face-to-face connection is and I’m really happy to have this option.

It’s also great to be able to add in a gift card to your Punchbowl online cards! Amazon, Target, Door Dash, and so many more cards are available for sending to your loved ones. I’m not going to lie, if anyone sends me a Panera gift card to get a broccoli cheddar soup, they will automatically be my favorite valentine!


The selection of Valentine’s Day cards at Punchbowl in general is so bright and beautiful, with a lot of variety! Punchbowl is free and even the paid memberships cost less than one individual card you’d buy in stores and yet you get a bunch of cards included with it! I’d say that’s cost-effective and boy, is it a lot more convenient for everyone! Our physical Christmas cards took over a month to arrive at their destinations at Christmas but you know what showed up immediately? The Punchbowl cards I sent!

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Check out the latest selection of Punchbowl Valentine’s Day cards and while you’re at it, enter the GIVEAWAY! Punchbowl is giving away $5,000 in gift cards to five lucky winners who send digital valentines by the end of Valentine’s Day! You gift a smile to your loved ones and just maybe you’ll win a thousand dollars in gift cards?! Sounds like a win-win to me! What are you waiting for?!

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