Simple Holiday Crate Plate for Under $5

I love home decor and definitely decorating for the holidays but I’m on a do-it-yourself kick right now. My favorite thing to do right now is buy inexpensive supplies from the dollar store and upgrade them to fit with my own personal home decor themes and selections. Last year, I received a wooden crate from a home decor box and I like to change out the plates with each season. This year’s plate was incredibly easy and with few materials, so I’ve decided to share my holiday crate plate with you!


What you will need:

Wooden plate


Little fake tree


Paint and/or paint markers (optional)

Hot glue




1. First, you will likely need to sand the plate to smooth it out. You can then stain or paint it, but I chose to leave mine looking natural without doing anything additional to it.

2. Use a little bit of glue and place the ribbon flat toward the bottom of the plate. You can curve the edges around the back of the plate.

3. The easiest truck item for this project was the red “Merry Christmas” truck at Dollar Tree. I removed the low quality tree from the back of the truck, as well as the “Merry Christmas”. I also did some touch-ups on the paint. I used these paint pens to do this part of the project. There will still be a little hole in each tire afterward so I used a dab of hot glue and then painted over that.

holiday crate

4. Glue the truck down onto the plate. Then, glue the tree into position!

5. I use screws to adhere my crate plate to the crate itself but double-sided tape and especially velcro would also work!


Enjoy your crate! Fill with decor, blankets, or hats and gloves like I do! Enjoy your holiday season!


holiday crate


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