Holiday Gift Guide for Grown-Ups

We have searched high and low this year to try to find things that would interest a variety of adults and the people who are shopping for them this holiday season. We found unique things that will keep them comfy, items to help them stay organized, and even a little section just for the pet lovers for our holiday gift guide! There are so many material items that you can treat your loved ones to but we also wanted to talk about NON-material Christmas gifts. There are things that you can do or experiences that you can provide to help bring joy to the people you care about.

holiday gift guide

Here are some of our examples:

  • Do you know a parent in need of a good, long rest? Offer to babysit! If that’s not an option, offer to take some of their chores off of their hands. Pick their kids up from school, clean up their kitchen, make them a dinner. I think people forget that this kind of offer is incredible and still greatly appreciated!
  • Tickets to a local attraction, like the movie theater, escape room, or dinner and a show.
  • Membership to somewhere they LOVE, like a museum, botanical garden, or amusement park
  • Create your own experience basket! If you want to gift them a nice at-home movie night, put a movie code in with some popcorn, candy, and drinks. If it’s art they like, include a canvas, paints, and a link to a lesson video in your basket.
  • Classes for absolutely anything! Cooking, painting, outdoor activities, dancing, whatever their heart may desire!
  • MAKE SOMETHING! I don’t currently sell any goods but I like to utilize my skills during the holidays by baking treats! Soon I plan to share some homemade decor with loved ones as well. You can make spa products, jams, bread, candy, clothes, whatever you’re good at!

What have we missed? Share with us!

Don’t forget to check out our holiday gift guide for grown-ups to see what we’ve collected to share! Check out our Instagram page @thequirkymomnextdoor for more features, details, and photos this holiday season!

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