Crayola Create and Play: Apps We Love

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Art is an essential part of life. Inspiring creativity is so important, but it doesn’t end there. It encourages expression, individuality, creative confidence, and even communication. I love that my children are fans of art. Their default question is not to ask if they can play a game on my phone, it’s if they can “color” on my phone. Now, they can do both and so much more all in one app for kids!


Crayola Create and Play is a coloring app that is packed with engaging educational games and they add new content monthly! The kids can create all sorts of interactive artwork using all kinds of real Crayola art tools, including glitter! Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of the frills of glitter without the mess?!


My daughter’s favorite feature is that she can design her own pets and play with them! She showed me how she feeds and washes her adorable little pets and how she knows which step to do next. Each pet has its own personality and the kids can choose a home for their pets to explore. She even made a little dance video with her new pet!

Another thing that she can nurture all on her own is a garden! If she waters and cares for her garden, her plants will bloom and attract butterflies. She sure adores her happy little flowers and their butterflies, and I love the introduction to responsibility that it offers!

There’s an entire arcade of interactive games and lessons for the kids to get into. The learning experience with Crayola Create and Play is endless with coding, spelling, tracing letters, patterns, mixing colors, you name it! My six year old is new to reading so I liked watching her sit and sound out her words as she traced them or dragged letters down to build the words. Then, the app announced what each word was for her.

My daughter also did really well piecing together the coding sections, like using arrow icons to help direct a bouncing ball to its target. She was able to recognize where she needed to modify her arrows when the ball went off-course! I think that’s quite the STEM activity and I was extremely surprised that she was at the point of understanding, really! That feels like a very advanced lesson and yet they made it really easy to grasp!

I think it would be truly difficult to cover every feature within this action-packed, ad-free app. I still haven’t mentioned the pixel art or the glow art and they’re adding more content constantly! My youngest two used Crayola Create and Play for a full week and there were features they hadn’t even made it to yet! It’s fun to see the different things that catch their attention though. My son’s favorite thing to do is play all of the games while my daughter seems to want to create as many things as she possibly can!

Everything is able to be saved to their own personal art gallery so that they can show me what they’ve created! They can photograph themselves with their artwork and of course, all of the kids really have a blast with that feature! At the end of the day, my daughter was so proud to scroll through her incredibly long gallery and tell me all about the things she did.


I also love that there are behind-the-scenes features. Within the video gallery, she can learn about different art techniques, how crayons are made, or witness some experiments, which I think is interesting and beneficial for kids of all ages, including me! I certainly had no idea how Silly Putty was made!

Experience Crayola Create and Play for yourself with a free 7-day trial that is available on iOS, Android, and Amazon devices so your children can use it on your phone, tablet, or any touch-screen at their fingertips!

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