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After borrowing my friend’s Ergo at a museum recently, I realized that I absolutely had to have my own. I realized that they retail for $120-135 and managed to get my husband to agree to a $73 one that I found on eBay. I got it in the mail and realized it said Ergo Europe so I searched to make sure that was the same as one from the US and came upon this post from The Humble Doula.

This Ergo is extremely convincing, to the point where FOUR of my friends saw my Facebook post linking to this and realized that carriers they’d been using for a while were indeed fake and they had no idea! I called Ergo to confirm that it was fake, reading them the numbers on the tag on the inside of the front pocket. I was duped and am now having it taken care of.
I’m making this post to hopefully help people realize that this counterfeit, while very similar, is NOT an Ergo! You have no idea who really made it, so you can’t be certain of craftsmanship. You can’t get it replaced and there is no one to blame if your baby is harmed. You don’t know if the real Ergo accessories will fit it. One of the most important reasons to get an Ergo rather than some of the regular retail carriers is because of the risk of your baby getting hip dysplasia but with the fake, how can you be certain that the measurements are correct? There are just so many reasons why this carrier is not worth the $70+ that people are paying for it, under the impression that it is an Ergo carrier.
If you have bought one of these Fergo, as I like to call them, carriers, request a refund from the seller but in my opinion, you should not give it back so that some other unsuspecting mommy can be swindled. In the future, use http://store.ergobaby.com/ to buy your Ergo. If you buy one used, be sure to check it out thoroughly before purchasing!

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