Halloween at The Quirky House Next Door!

It’s that time of year again! Happy Halloween! My family just loves Halloween. Okay, my oldest and youngest girls aren’t very into the scary stuff, but they love dressing up in costumes and going door-to-door. We don’t give them much of the candy. I tend to eat a lot of it…oops. I earn it too, though. We dress in up in themes with our kids while they’ll still let us.

In 2009, we were Dora, Diego, and Boots, with our friend tagging along as Swiper. All homemade except for Boots!


In 2010, we did Peter Pan. My husband was Peter Pan, I was Wendy, my oldest was Tinkerbell, and my youngest little girl was Hook, complete with a little drawn on mustache. I rushed on my husband’s Peter Pan costume but I thought my Hook costume, made completely of re-used clothing, was pretty fantastic.



2011 was the year for Shrek. I was nine months pregnant Fiona, Hubby was Shrek, my oldest was Puss in Boots, and my youngest was Donkey. We struggled to find face paint that matched the costumes I made for Fiona and Shrek, unfortunately, but I thought the rest came out quite nicely!


Sadly 2012 was the year that Hurricane Sandy hit our area and due to my husband’s field, he had to work all night on Halloween so the girls and I went alone. At least, he says he had to work…but maybe it was really because that was the year we’d chosen to do princesses and he was slated to dress up as a prince! I was Belle and the girls were Aurora, Merida, and Rapunzel. I had to make yarn hair for my almost 1 year old at the time, because she was still bald! That’s the only year where almost nothing was made by us on our costumes!


Our most popular year to date was 2013! Last year, we were the Wizard of Oz! I was the Wicked Witch, my husband was The Tin Man, my oldest was Dorothy, my middle daughter was Glinda the Good Witch, my youngest daughter was The Scarecrow, and my son was only a couple of months old, in his carrier on me as a flying monkey! So many people stopped us to compliment us or take pictures of us, it was lovely!




This year, we were Marvel comic book characters. I made my Mystique costume and then my husband was Wolverine, son was The Hulk, and the girls were American Dream, Spider-Man, and Spider-Girl!

Nobody really seemed to know what the comic book version of Mystique looked like so here’s what I was going for:

(picture credit: ComicVine)

And here we are!

We always seem to be the only parents dressed up but we get a lot of compliments!

Do you dress up for Halloween with your children?

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