Oh NO, Not ANOTHER One?!

As I’ve mentioned, we’re expecting again. Most reactions haven’t been “WOW, AGAIN?” like I expected. (I think most of those were used up with #4!) Actually, the most frequent remarks expressed devastation that our poor son must be raised with all of those girls! It’s kind of funny because people used to say that I needed to have a boy. Now that I have one, it’s always pity on him for having a house full of sisters!

We aren’t finding out the gender this time, which makes guessing the gender even more fun…except when people comment about how they hope it’s a boy for our son’s sake, or they think it’s a girl and feel sorry for him. I’m here to tell you something really important, are you listening?

Guys, he’s gonna be fine. I know a lot of you have this thing about boys and girls but really, 99% of the things I see associated with #boymom, could actually be my girls. A quick Twitter search of #boymom brings me to a few extremely relatable posts right off the bat:

“Youngest and hubs have a fart contest.”

If you say butt, poop, fart, etc. in front of my girls, they will crack up. My 5 year old daughter has had burping contests with my husband. She thinks it’s hilarious and so does he. (I think it’s rude and terrible manners but I promise, I’d say the same if it were my son!)

Actually, let’s just not get into the things that my girls have said and done regarding bodily functions because I don’t want you to lose your lunch!

A bunch of Tweets about Jurassic Park.

Jurassic Park is one of the coolest movies ever and I’m dying to see the new one. My girls LOVE dinosaurs and yes, I’ve let them watch the first one. They know all about special effects and also that dinosaurs are extinct. #noworries

Tweet about Legos.

Oh, honey, no. My girls AND I are obsessed with Legos. We’re aiming to get The Avengers Lego sets this summer. We <3 Marvel up in this hizzy, haven’t you seen last year’s Halloween costumes?!


Now, I’m not tearing down the boymom hashtag at all. The girlmom hashtag is kind of boring but I see a few Tweets about gardening, manicures, and then just general parenting and appearance-related ones. My husband absolutely LOVES his garden and for his first year, I think it’s looking fabulous! The last time I had my nails done, a man in a suit walked in and boomed, unashamed, to the back of the room, “Is anyone available to do a manicure?” And rock those gorgeously trimmed and clearly polished nails, he did.

My point is that so far, the only difference in my children has been their genitalia and the colors I dress them in until they tell me they prefer otherwise. The girls love to steal my son’s cars, he loves to play with their dolls. All of them (except my oldest) like to do dangerous junk that is going to end up with somebody being injured. My three year old girl is the one who’s had to take multiple hospital trips because she loves to take flying leaps off of everything! My five year old loves Spider-Man and anything sci-fi. Their genders don’t decide their interests for them.

I have one sister and we are nothing alike. We always hated each other and almost NEVER got along. We even got into fist fights a few times. My mom has only brothers that she gets along with swimmingly! Everybody has a different story. Same gender  cohesion.

There are times where parental experiences will differ, like supporting my daughters through their pregnancies since my son will definitely not ever be pregnant (I just don’t see technology advancing that far after the lack of flying cars I’ve seen since Y2K). I’ll dance with my son at his wedding and my husband with our daughters, because that’s tradition. Then again, I’m known for breaking tradition…after all, I just took my daughter to a Father/Daughter dance because my husband already got to go to two with her!


My kids are and will be different but that’s because they’re individuals. As they grow, some may grow apart and closer to one more than another. I’m raising them all with the same goal of becoming good, responsible, caring adults. I have faith that everything will turn out beautifully for my family but if it doesn’t, I know that it will have absolutely nothing to do with their xx or xy chromosomes. I’m just going to keep striving to be the best mom I can be and raise the best people I can.

It might be a boy, it might be a girl. Only one thing’s for sure…if it doesn’t like Legos, I’m sending it back! 😛


Can you relate?

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