5 Best Non-Romance Movies for Valentine’s Day


One of the things that my husband and I first spoke about before we met was our mutual dislike for “chick flicks”. We aren’t usually into the typical romance movies. We love to watch movies together, though, and we collaborated to choose our favorite five  to watch on Valentine’s Day that could appeal to most people!

1. Insidious
Insidious is about a kid in a coma whose spirit is stuck outside of his body and demons are trying to get in and take over. Given the stories I’ve heard about astral projection, it makes creepy sense to me and thus, this movie scared me more than any horror movie I’ve seen in a long time. It has me squeezing my hubby in fright every time we watch it. There’s a second one too, that’s actually surprisingly decent especially considering it’s a sequel.

2. The Adjustment Bureau
Okay, so this one is somewhat of a romance flick but not in the traditional way. The premise is really interesting. In this movie, there is a team of people who control your fate and there is a plan for you. Each action you take affects that plan. It’s full of action and a little mysterious. This is the type of movie that is safe to watch around kids because it’s not really violent, not much foul language, if any.

3. The Heat
This movie is so hilarious. Sandra Bullock is charmingly funny and Melissa McCarthy is a favorite of ours, her sarcasm is always delightful. They’re both cops and an unlikely pair trying to work together to solve a case.

4. Moms Night Out
First of all, I’m going to tell you that my husband suggests this one to people all the time. This was a movie that we got for me and he really ended up liking it, which surprised him! Moms Night Out is about a Christian mom who tries to get a night out with her friends and things keep going wrong. It’s really realistic and inspiring but also funny and crazy.

5. Date Night
Date Night is another one that starts out being totally relatable as a parent. A married couple, Steve Carell and Tina Fey, are tired of the same old and want to get out on a nice date night but things just go crazy. They solve every problem in an unlikely and funny way and stick together as a husband and wife. It’s totally adorable!


What movies would you recommend?

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5 Best Non-Romance Movies for Date Night

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