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Lately, my skin is just not cooperating with me. My face gets rough and my skin has become so dry, cracking every time I do the dishes. I knew that I needed something with great quality that could nourish my skin and give me back the youth that I should still have because, well, I’m still young…in my mind, anyway!


Fresh provides the products to keep YOU fresh! Freshness for your skin, your lips, your scent, these are the tools to help you achieve the best! I received Fresh Rose Hydrating Face Serum, Sugar Honey Shine Lip Treatment, and Black Tea Age-Delay Serum.


Fresh Rose Hydrating Serum is intended to hydrate your skin and boost radiance to encourage a youthful appearance, as well as protect the skin. It smells beautiful, not like many of the stinky face creams I’ve attempted in the past, and I attribute this to the floral mixture within. The rosewater for soothing the skin, the rose flower oil for nourishing the skin, and the Hibiscus flower acids for the radiance boost not only have extraordinary purposes to improve your skin, but they leave you with a pleasant and relaxing scent.


I find that after using the Fresh Rose Hydrating Face Serum twice a day regularly over the last week and a half so far, my skin feels so moisturized and healthier in general. My skin feels so much smoother and softer to the touch. When I look in the mirror at night, I feel like I can see a difference already. I felt like before, my skin had a rugged, broken look and now it looks like a baby’s bottom. Okay, maybe not exactly that smooth, but I feel like the texture is getting to that point! The Fresh Rose Hydrating Serum can be bought for $55 and there are many other rose items available.


Fresh’s Black Tea Age-Delay Serum diminishes the signs of aging and provides all-day moisture for your skin. So far, I can feel the vast moisturizing effect on my face. I feel so young and they say you’re as young as you feel, but I’d like to look that way too! I think that the Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Serum ($85) is fabulous already but it’s something you want to use over time and it’s even better when coupled with the Black Tea Age-Delay Cream. I let my mom try it also, since she’s very particular about face creams and I wanted to know if it was something she would enjoy. My mother says that even though I only gave her enough for about three uses, she immediately noticed that her skin was so much silkier and smoother. She told me that not only would she buy the Black Tea Age-Delay Serum but she would love to get the separate cream as well!

The Fresh Brown Sugar perfume is described as a citrus scent sprinkled with caramels and it smells amazing! I’m very particular about perfume and I often wear none at all because of that. There have been maybe two perfumes I liked in my lifetime so for me to think this smell is phenomenal is completely surprising! I like citrus-like scents but it’s not often that I’ve found them used in actual perfumes, just body sprays and the like. Infusing the citrus with the caramel scent creates more of a perfume-like scent that is really pleasant and not at all overpowering. You can get it in the 30mL size for $48 or 100mL for $88. I’m really enjoying the Fresh Brown Sugar perfume, for both casual and formal occasions. It is officially the only perfume in my beauty stash! Checking out the other scents, like Fig Apricot and Sugar Lychee, I think the creators at Fresh and I have the same taste in scents!



Last but not least, the Fresh Sugar Honey Shine Lip Treatment was made to preserve moisture and promote suppleness while improving your lip definition. I used this before I even read it because the nude shade was gorgeous and I was in a hurry to get pretty and get out of the house. Later that night, I got a quick look in a mirror and thought, “Wow, my lips look so full and soft today!” It didn’t even click until I started to examine the description on the lip treatment the next day. So I can definitely say without any bias, that it most certainly does make your lips look and feel amazing! They are available in the clear, Sugar Shine, as well as many other lovely shades, for $18.50 each.



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*The Crunchy Mom Next Door received the above item(s) in exchange for her honest review. All opinions and experiences are her own only.

9 thoughts on “Nourish Your Skin and Body with Fresh

  1. Oh my gosh, I love their packaging! I really want to try the rose hydrating serum. My face is so ridiculously dry and I adore rose scented things. (even if my husband is insane and not fond of the smell!)

  2. I, too, love their packaging. Thanks for introducing me to this brand. I had never heard of it. My skin is very dry cause of the harsh winters here. I will have to try these out.

  3. i’ve never used any of their products before but it seems like a really cool brand to try. i would definitely use the serums more than anything, i’ll do anything to stay young looking as long as possible!!

  4. Excellent! I love the idea of soft hands again as the winter here in CT has been brutal. The scents of Hibiscus and Rose are the most exhilarating of all. Brown Sugar perfume with caramel suits me to a tee as well. I believe all the products mentioned are just superb.

  5. These look like nice products. I would like the black tea and brown sugar ones. I love trying out new product!

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