Save and Share Your Memories with the QuickFlics App + Discount Code!

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My phone currently has about 8,000 media files on it and I estimate that about 2,000 of them are videos, both lengthy and brief clips. All of them are equally important memories that tend to just sit on my device. I don’t have the space to back up my videos and I don’t want to pay a monthly fee to store my videos on a cloud where they’ll also never be viewed and I’ll forget they exist. It seemed to me that my videos would be best suited in physical form somewhere. I told myself that I’d eventually get around to turning them into a DVD, but I assumed that it would take so much time. That was until I found out about QuickFlics

quickflicsQuickFlics is an app for your phone that makes uploading photos and videos simple. Each month you can receive a USB flash drive or DVD loaded with all of the special memories you’ve added that month. Uploading the videos and pictures is as simple as a few clicks of a button on your phone and every month those memories that have just been in seving no purpose can finally become keepsakes that you can show and share.

Last month, my husband and I took our first ever vacation alone and our cell phone were the easiest cameras to bring around with us, with all of the walking and amusement park rides (we’re young at heart!). We took so many pictures and videos that I knew a QuickFlics vacation DVD would be perfect and I could upload them in a snap. The same would go for a holiday compilation DVD made in December or even a wild Halloween DVD for my family who gets really into our Halloween shenanigans!


For parents, I think QuickFlics is great for putting all of those pregnancy and birth memories on one DVD. Our summers would make for such a fun video with the beach, festivals, zoos, and natural walks. You could put all of those milestone videos of the baby’s first laugh, solid food feeding, and especially first steps on one DVD and it would make for a fabulous gift for the grandparents! Every month you can capture these moments when the kids randomly break out in song, do something absolutely hilarious in a way that only kids can do, or just something in general that you want to remember, and you can collect them in “home movies” fashion!


You can download QuickFlics for free on the Apple iTunes or the Google Play stores. Choose between a custom USB flash drive or DVD for only $6.99/month or a one-time use fee of $12.99!


Use this link and enter the promo code CRUNCHY to try QuickFlics for FREE with shipping!


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What important memories would you love to have on a DVD?

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9 thoughts on “Save and Share Your Memories with the QuickFlics App + Discount Code!

  1. Oh my goodness I had no idea this existed. Guess I know what I will be doing today. I love that it saves videos I never want to delete from my phone but now I will be able to Ty so much for letting me know about company.

  2. Thanks so much! I’ve been searching for something like this to put all of my daughter’s videos on!

  3. Wow! I didn’t even know something like this existed. This is a great idea. It definitely is easier to use my phone than a camera so this is a great product!!

  4. This is so fantastic! I hate deleting videos and pics from my phone. I’m always so sentimental! I’m so glad I know about this.

  5. This is amazing. Especially when you take all your videos on your iphone that has little to no storage left!

  6. When I was a child we developed film and used photo albums. It amazes me every day how much the world has advanced in my 33 years, I can only imagine what my grandma feels being 76.

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