Advil/NUK Teething Relief Kit, Tips, and GIVEAWAY! Ends 7/15

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With parenting comes all kinds of struggles, varying in difficulty and level of pain and stress for both the parent and the child. One of the roughest and most frequently recurring troubles talked about among parents is teething. Teething occurs when your child’s teeth are beginning to emerge through the gums. It’s accompanied by drooling and discomfort that often leads to sleeplessness and a miserable demeanor for your little one. It’s said that teething for the first tooth happens, on average, around age 6-9 months but with my experience, I’ve found that it ranges so drastically. You have the babies who start teething early but don’t get teeth until later and don’t forget the two-year molars which are brutal too. I think that it’s important to devise your own little system to make a minimal impact on everybody.

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For teething relief remedies, I’ve received a kit consisting of Infants’ Advil and NUK products, accompanied by a list of fantastic teething tips that I’d love to share with you! Here are a few of my favorites:

Give it a Wash! Dip a clean washcloth in cold water or breast milk and let baby chew away. The chill
and pressure help ease the aching.

Keep it Cool! If your baby’s eating solids, offer cold soft foods—like applesauce or yogurt— that
naturally soothe.

Munch and Crunch! Some babies like to munch on crunchy textures, like teething crackers, biscuits, or
wafers. The gnawing provides pressure that helps ease aching gums.

Distract your baby! When nothing seems to help, take baby’s mind off the teething pain. For example,
try a change of scenery or activity, like going outside or give them a bath.

I love to find cold foods that the kids can handle, depending on age. Since most of my kids didn’t get their first teeth until they were already on table foods (true story!), I was able to give them cold foods that they could hold and nibble on. The little water teethers never worked for us so we spent way more than I wished we had on a teething toy before I knew about the NUK Soothasaurus, which is half the price of the item we ended up with back then!

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The NUK Soothasaurus is a completely adorable sensory toy which comes in various bright colors with black and white contrasts that are intended to stimulate the baby’s vision. It’s a “squeezy toy”, as I like to call them, which makes noise when you squeeze it. Plus, the NUK Soothasaurus is soft, BPA-free, and safe for chewing and sucking for babies over the age of six months. My little guy is absolutely loving his new dinosaur and it seems really sturdy so I think I’ll be able to keep it for the new baby’s teething troubles too!

teething relief

Infants’ Advil, for infants aged 6 to 23 months, contains Ibuprofen. It can be used to reduce fevers and/or relieve your baby’s pain with up to eight hours of relief per dose. Infants’ Advil Soothes at the Source, which means it relieves aches and pains that babies experience from fevers and teething.

While I do minimize our usage of medicine in this household, the fevers can get pretty high so we use Infants’ Advil and Children’s Advil to treat them, as directed by our pediatrician. A combination of medicine and many of the cures mentioned help us to avoid teething catastrophes in our home!


You can buy Infants’ Advil and Children’s Advil at your local retailer. NUK Soothasaurus is available on Amazon.


Website | Children’s Advil on Facebook | Children’s Advil Website | NUK Website

What teething tips and tools do you have to share with us?

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39 thoughts on “Advil/NUK Teething Relief Kit, Tips, and GIVEAWAY! Ends 7/15

  1. My 4.5 month old is just starting to teethe, and I can tell that the little guy is gonna have a rough time. My first son didn’t have too much trouble, other than practically constant fevers. I’d love to get a big teether for my little dude cuz I don’t know how long his fists will hold up to all the chewing!

  2. I don’t have any tips. My daughter just started teething. Hopefully I can pick up some tips from the comments

  3. She loves chewing on her teething keys. They hold the cold better than most of her other toys and they are on a ring that she likes to hold on to.

  4. When my daughter was teething I would wet wash cloths and keep them in the freezer. She loved chewing on them.

  5. The best teething tip Is from my Grandmother. Old fashioned simple Spoon.I keep a few in the freezer. Then let her rub on her gums and chew!

  6. Expecting a little one and with as stubborn as they are in the womb, I expect they will be that much more outside of it, so we’ll need lots of teething support.

  7. I use chunks of frozen bagel for my little guy, also breast-milk popsicles and I freeze water inside of his binky so he can gnaw on those.

  8. My 18 month old is getting all of his back teeth at once so we do frozen whole peeled carrots (with supervision).

  9. We always put some wet washclothes in the freezer so when the kids were teething we could pull one out for them to gnaw on!

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