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Dr. Jocko’s Free App Brings Your Kids Laughter AND Knowledge!

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Every child has ways in which they learn best. Some prefer seeing written word, some need to hear the lesson, etc. One thing I’m noticing is that many, many children are retaining a great deal of what they learn from television and other technology. Read them a lesson and sometimes it appears to have gone in one ear and out the other…but let them watch a lesson that’s entertaining and funny, and it seems that it had a better chance of sticking. When I was in school, I couldn’t remember much about science to save my life. There was a funny television show that we watched and oddly enough, I still remember those lessons today.

dr. jocko

The same can be said for a fun and free learning app called Dr. Jocko. Dr. Jocko and Rocko are two of the cutest little puppets you’ve ever seen and they make your children laugh while also helping to teach them more about health! Your kids will watch videos where Dr. Jocko and his assistant explain different aspects of health, such as what passing gas is all about, why it’s important to eat healthy, or what’s the story with lice.

dr. jocko

Not only is it important for your kids to learn about these subjects, but Dr. Jocko makes it enjoyable and maybe for topics like lice or vaccinations, a little less scary. The chances of young children getting lice in school are very high but Dr. Jocko does warn the children how they can do their best to try to avoid getting lice. I’m a mom and I’m terrified of my kids getting lice but I don’t want to pass that fear onto them, so when Dr. Jocko tells them in his adorably playful puppet voice that it’s “no big deal” and then sings a song, it makes the idea seem.. well, like no big deal!

dr. jocko

We’re huge puppet fans in this house so everyone was excited to see a puppet doctor pop up on the screen and start explaining why exercise is important in their lives. It’s really not very fun when Mommy says it so it stands to reason that my explanations go completely unheard. I’m waiting for the day when the kids just ask “Can Dr. Jocko tell us about this instead?”

dr. jocko

Now, my kids range in ages from 2 to almost 8 and they fought over whose turn it was to listen. I don’t think that my two year old yet grasps what is being taught, but he enjoys the shenanigans between Dr. Jocko and Rocko nonetheless. My almost four year old is at the age where she does understand a lot of what he’s telling them. Then my older two, five and seven, absolutely took knowledge away from viewing Dr. Jocko’s Q&A sessions. I would say that this app is worth it for all ages to see what they take away from it! Dr. Jocko is a really cool educational tool and I look forward to seeing more questions of the health variety answered by our new favorite monkey!

dr. jocko

Download Dr. Jocko on the App store or Google Play, for free!


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9 thoughts on “Dr. Jocko’s Free App Brings Your Kids Laughter AND Knowledge!

  1. I agree – each child learns in there own way! What a fun way to learn. I think that this could work and be fun for the little ones.

  2. I would have to agree with this. Every kid out there has their own unique way of learning!! This would definitely be an enjoyable to learn things. Every kid would enjoy this.

  3. I have never heard of this app but might have to look for it. I bet my 3 year old would enjoy it! He loves just about any app he can navigate on his own!

  4. This is a cute app! We are always looking for apps for my 4 year old because he begs to play on my phone so often! All kids love puppets and this is a great way to teach kids about their health.

  5. I think this app is a great idea! Teaching children more about their health is an important thing. A fun interactive app that will teach them about avoiding lice and other subjects would really grab their attention and reinforce the information. A great way to make learning fun!

  6. I have never heard of this app but looks really cute. I will have to check this out. It’s good to find stuff to keep kids interested for a long period of time.

  7. Im always trying to teach my son the importance of health and prevention. This app looks adorable and perfect for this topic, he would love to watch these cute puppets. Your daughter looks so happy and amused in the pic, I can tell it works well! Thank you for sharing!

  8. This is awesome! I am always looking for fun unique educational free apps for my son’s tablet. They are great to help keep him busy for restaurants that don’t have colors.

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