fall tv shows

The Crunchy Mom Next Door Picks: Fall TV Shows

fall tv shows

With the exhaustion trimester très has me feeling, I’m staying in most weekdays. It’s also something that my husband and I can do together, even though I am one of those people who will talk to him about the show while it’s on. Come on, we can’t just not talk at all, can we?! Anyway, summer weeknights left us with nothing to watch while we relaxed. All of the best shows were on a break! A great thing about this season is the return of all our favorite Fall TV shows! Here are some of the ones that we love and some of the new ones I’m checking out:

Adam Ruins Everything
Premieres Tuesday, September 29th at 10/9c on TruTV

Adam Conover has done his “Adam Ruins Everything” segment on College Humor for a while now and I’ve always loved it (and sometimes hated him for being right!). Adam cleverly and hilariously explains some of the most common things that we think we know or engage in every day. It’s almost like a humorous history/science/life lesson that leaves you laughing and wowed. I’m extremely excited to check it out!

Season 5 premieres Friday, October 30th at 9/8c on NBC

Grimm is one of our all-time favorite shows. If the name Grimm sounds familiar, that’s because it is like the Grimm’s Fairy Tales, which I’ve always thought were very cool. The show is based around “Wesen”, who otherwise look human but are actually creatures that resemble animals like wolves, birds, and lizards. Humans can’t see the Wesen for who they truly are unless they are something called a “Grimm”, which happens to be what the main character, Nick, is. Grimm follows police officer Nick around as he battles evil Wesen and makes friends with the good ones, despite the history of Grimms and Wesen being (non)mortal enemies! Grimm has lots of stories, action, and it’s really never a dull moment.

The Walking Dead
Season 6 premieres Sunday, October 11th at 9/8c on AMC

If you haven’t seen The Walking Dead by now, I assume it’s deliberate. I’ve got plenty of friends who can’t handle or dislike zombies and/or gore and I understand that. The majority of the time, I don’t find The Walking Dead very gory though. My mother is as squeamish as they come and she counts down the days to each TWD premiere. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her more excited about any other show in my lifetime so that’s saying something.

fall tv shows

My husband and I enjoy The Walking Dead and it ranks high among our favorites. I expected one long drawn-out zombie movie when it first premiered, I’ll admit, but I was surprised at how they kept the plot going with new conflicts, struggles, and locations. Characters who stick around do grow and change but don’t get too attached to one because, well, it’s still the zombie apocalypse and things happen.

fall tv shows

Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris
Watch it on Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC

This show is brand new and it’s so fun! Obviously with Neil Patrick Harris as the host (does this guy love hosting or what?!), it’s bound to be really entertaining. It’s a live show that has games, pranks, action, and just antics of all types. It’s just really something you should check out yourself!

Watch season 5 on Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC

I’m really not that into dramas and I certainly didn’t have high hopes for a show about drama in The White House. After hearing all of the rave reviews, I finally decided to try it out. My husband caught an episode and then insisted that I don’t watch it without him…and that’s how Scandal became one of “our” shows. Scandal is about a fictional President and all of these crazy things that happen in within the confines of The White House and its affiliations. Do government officials really “eliminate” each other to get ahead? Do they really hire a “fixer” who can make it look like they weren’t witnesses to a murder? It’s a pretty intriguing and tough to put down. This is the kind of show you binge-watch.

Grey’s Anatomy
Watch season 12 on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC

I watched years of this show during the course of a few months. I think I had a problem. I was just so anxious to be caught up to the rest of the nation! I’ll admit that the show in recent years has been nowhere near the magnitude it was in the past, but it’s still cool to watch. We follow the life of Meredith Grey as she becomes a skilled surgeon. Along the way, there are relationships and all of the drama that comes with them, conflicts, and even dangerous life-threatening events that may or may not take the lives of characters you love. This is probably the closest to a soap opera that I get!

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Watch season 17 on Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC

One of the longest running shows on TV, Law & Order has many spin-offs. Special Victims Unit is the only one that I watch. Each episode has its own crime that’s investigated piece-by-piece and the show itself has somewhat of a storyline to follow as we peek into the lives of the detectives outside of the field.

American Horror Story: Hotel
Season 5 premieres Wednesday, October 7th at 10/9c

This show has been hit-or-miss for us each season. One season is in no way related to the past season, except that they share many of the same actors and are all scary! Personally, I loved season one about a haunted house. Season two about an insane asylum had far too much going on for me (demons, aliens, mutants, mad doctors, etc.) but I’ve got friends who swear that was the best season yet. The third season was about a coven of young witches set in modern-day and I thought it was pretty awesome and plenty creepy. Last season was about a carnival freak show and while the main villain was absolutely terrifying, we weren’t very interested in the storyline of the show. This season does look promising and I’ve grown attached to many of the recurring cast members, who as of season three includes Kathy Bates and I just adore her!

Shark Tank
Watch season 7 on Fridays at 9/8c on ABC

Shark Tank is where various entrepreneurs come in front of successful investors and pitch their business and products in hopes of scoring an investment deal to continue their business. Not only do you learn a bit about business and what the financial aspect might entail, but you see all of these neat new products and ideas. My husband and I are always motivated and inspired by this show, watching these people create their dream business from scratch. Love it!

Season 11 premieres Wednesday, October 7th at 9/8c

Supernatural has changed a bit over time but in the past, it was more about lore and fighting supernatural entities, not just ghosts or demons but a bunch of wild things! There was always the main storyline which is about the journey of two brothers, these “hunters”, through their lives. Lately, it is more about the brothers and a little less about the individual hunts. I still enjoy watching the show, it’s got both a comical and mysterious side.

Last Man on Earth
Watch season 2 on Sundays at 9:30/8:30c on FOX

Last Man on Earth is one that I’ve actually mentioned before because I found the idea of being the last person on Earth really thrilling. Phil can do anything he wants when there’s no one to stop him. I can’t elaborate much on this show or I’ll end up giving things away but the bottom line is that it’s a comedy about the last man on Earth!

What will you be watching this Fall?!

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