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Fortnight Flicks – Movie Reviews Week 4

With the influx of Fall TV shows and premieres, we haven’t watched as many movies lately. TV shows are ongoing so I guess we like those more! We’re also waiting on several that are coming out on video soon, I’m excited to write movie reviews for them!

fortnight flicks


The previews for Home were great! It seemed pretty adorably funny and it had Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory. Unfortunately, I think that this movie fell a bit short. It was a cute concept about an alien who is unique and sweet. His alien race invades Earth and he ends up on their bad side because he made yet another mistake. In fleeing from his angry peers, he ends up teaming up with a human little girl. The antics are giggle-worthy and my children really enjoyed it. As far as family movies go, it could have been a little funnier and had more going on but it’s definitely worth renting or checking out when it hits instant streaming.

The Cobbler ★ 3/4

I’m really surprised to be reviewing this movie. My husband didn’t want me to watch any of our shows during the day and I can’t stand silence when I’m working so I typed in “Adam Sandler” on the Netflix. Without high hopes, I hit play on The Cobbler, a movie I’d never even heard of, and sat back to work. The Cobbler is about a cobbler, played by Adam Sandler, who discovers a magic within his workshop. It had some hilarious moments and it was really cute! I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, so much so that I told my husband he needed to watch it with me later and even he was surprised that he enjoyed it. It’s no secret that Adam Sandler movies have been dwindling in recent years so even though I love him, I can’t help but be surprised when he’s behind a movie I like these days. Steve Buscemi and Dustin Hoffman have roles in this movie but the most shocking was Method Man, and it totally fit. You may agree with me about this movie, you may not, but I totally recommend it.

Inception ★

I tried to watch Inception once years ago and I got lost and fell asleep. This time, my husband made sure I understood every step. It is really easy to get lost with this movie but it’s also really thought out and awesome. In the shortest summary possible, Inception is about dream infiltration. There are dreams within dreams within dreams and it’s difficult to find out where reality begins. This is one of those movies that messes with your mind in the coolest way and if you can keep up, there’s no way you’ll be displeased.

Animal House ★ 1/2

You won’t believe that I’ve never seen this classic comedy until now. It’s pretty funny and typical college movie humor but yet it’s the movie that started it all!

The Rock 

We went to a bed and breakfast for my birthday and while we snuggled up with hot cocoa in our big bed, we decided to pick out a movie we’d both like. My husband had already seen The Rock and insisted it was worth watching. It stars Nicholas Cage (whom I do like a lot, by the way, and everyone who doesn’t is crazy!) as a chemical warfare expert teaming up with Sean Connery, a spy who’s been locked up for years, to stop Ed Harris from obliterating San Francisco by launching weapons from Alcatraz. Very cool 90s movie that’s action-packed and totally my style!

Sons of Liberty 

Technically, this one was a television series but I think it’s something you need to see if you’re into history or trying to get into it. I love history but in school, class was usually a session of droning on and on in a monotone voice until the point I tuned it out. This makes history really interesting and shows the action and thought behind American history. I think it’s tame enough, for the most part, to be shown to high school history students and I hope that there are other installments in the future, for various events in history.

Revenge of the Nerds 2 ★

I’m disappointed that I really didn’t like this movie. The reviews seemed to basically say that it was “okay” but that the third one was dreadful. If the third one is worse than this, I’m not even bothering. It’s extremely “corny” or “lame”. I laughed once or twice and shut it off about halfway through.


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