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See the Stunning Jewelry in October’s Your Bijoux Box!

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Here it is again, pampering time for Mama! It’s not often I get the little surprises for myself so it’s wonderful to open up Your Bijoux Box and have jewelry glistening into your face! The last box I received contained one of my most favorite pieces of jewelry, The Meridian Silver Pendant. I thought there was no possible way to outdo the last fabulous box but I was pleasantly surprised with this month’s edition!!

The Amethyst is one of my absolute favorite jewels. It’s got such a pretty shade of purple, I’ve loved it since I was a kid. This month’s Your Bijoux Box contains Faire Trade-raw-amethyst stones from South America set in 18-karat gold over brass. It’s a fabulous matching set and I think it’s fit to wear with just about anything you wear!

your bijoux box

First you have the wrapped Amethyst necklace. It contains a raw Amethyst stone with an 18-karat gold over brass chain dangling from it and I adore that feature, it makes the piece look more fancy and unique. Your Bijoux Box suggests accessorizing it with a deep V-top or a dress. It goes well with anything that will show it off!

your bijoux box

The wrapped Amethyst cocktail ring is adjustable, which I need to mention as a woman with a ring size of 3-and-a-half! The wide gold-over-brass actually makes it very smooth, thus comfortable to wear. The ring matches the Amethyst necklace beautifully so you can wear them together to complete your fancy look!

your bjioux box

Earrings are my favorite because I don’t have many pairs and I’m really very picky about what I’ll wear in my ears, both due to preference and sensitivity. The delicate chain loop earrings are studs set with Czech deep purple crystals. I love especially the gold-over-brass dangling chain that wraps under your ear. The material seems to be working nicely in my sensitive ears and I’ll wear these with anything because they’re just so cute. The deep purple matches well with the Amethyst jewelry but I think they wear well individually too.

your bijoux box

Your fashion gurus at Your Bijoux Box suggest that the set matches well with navy, grey, ecru, olive, and shades of purple color combinations. I especially love mixing them with an olive or even an emerald shade, and grey. With the green, they complement each other and with grey, they really stand out! I’m no fashion genius, I make my own style, but these fit perfectly with my preferences. This box definitely ranks as my favorite so far because the color and style is especially so ME! I also enjoy having a matching set to wear together that can be both fancy and casual.



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15 thoughts on “See the Stunning Jewelry in October’s Your Bijoux Box!

  1. Wow! What a unique jewelry set! The earrings look even better on. The purple makes the set subtle but very feminine. Love it!

  2. This set is truly stunning. I love unique jewelry something that not everyone is wearing. It really sets itself apart.

  3. This is truly a beautiful set of jewelry. I love the colour purple, which also look great on you, by the way. I love the fact that the ring is adjustable. Just a stunning, sparkly set!

  4. These are actually very pretty and incredible unique! However, to be honest they are not at all my style. I don’t like gold at all and they are a tad too “earthy” for my taste! The earrings are adorable though! I would love them in silver!!

  5. The Bijou stones are absolutely stunning! Not only are they beautiful and unique in color but they are so feminine! I love the style and unique swirls of the stones. They look amazing on you!!

  6. My father was sluicing in the mountains and found a large raw amethyst that he turned into a necklace for me. It’s one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. Not just because of the color, but because of the story behind it. Glad to see another person who appreciates the beauty in raw stones!

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